Edger Needs A Little Help From His Friends

This is definitely not a good time to ask for donations for any reason.  Many have lost their jobs. And, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a job, it’s still hard to make ends meet despite long work schedules. Not to mention that even if you have a job, you may need to be frugal with your budget to try to save some money just in case you lose your job next week.

Difficult times indeed.  

Even more difficult when you’re nearly 60, now unemployed from a programmer job due to health issues, like our Edger.

Edger has done much for our online progressive bloggers’ community, such as: Organized the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus coalition to oppose the Iraq War, worked hard on the Special Prosecution Petition project (including creating our graphic of the Special Prosecutor Petition Badge) and coding diaries for further distribution online, and is a member of Bloggers Against Torture and created another graphic to use in our membership drive.

Now, Edger has created Antemedius and just established a page there for us to create a data base of torture evidence as a resource for all so that we can quickly debunk the BS memes when investigations or prosecutions actually commence.

Not that anyone needs to present some bloggers’ resume to make a case for help. The one great thing about progressives is that we are simply here for each other. And Edger has certainly been there when anyone needed him.

Yes, times are tough for everyone. But, if you have $5, $10 or $25 dollars to spare, there is a donate button at Antemedius, just about 1/3 down the page with a little scrolling.

One thing Obama proved, a little donation here and there can add up. 🙂

Joe Cocker says it best:


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  1. If anyone prefers checks, maybe we can get a snail mail addy from edger without him providing such personal info online, perhaps by email.  

    • rb137 on May 10, 2009 at 22:45

    Thanks PD.  -rb

    • kj on May 10, 2009 at 22:59

    is a mainstay.  

    i will email and see about snail mail.  thanks.

  2. I don’t think he wants to move to a redstate.

    So a little love his way…

    • RiaD on May 10, 2009 at 23:41

    YOU are the BEST!!

  3. Edger is a “Gibraltor!”*

    *although “nudgeable” a little — a very little, at times.


  4. …mail list via my e-mail listed on dd.

  5. a suggestion…. Seems to me, although I dont know any gorey details or anything, that both Buhdy and Edger provide a LOT of great stuff for this community and Movement… and both are very deserving (regardless of need)… Id like to suggest we make it a MONTHLY thing, anyone who can do that, to donate. On a regular basis. Ongoing.

    Maybe just alternate… Budhy on the 1st and Edger on the 15th. Or whatever. Up to you.

    Cookies and cake are nice, but meat and potatoes that you can count on are better.

    Just sayin’.

    Thank you so much, PD, for posting this.

  6. Enough said and done (on my part, com’ on everyone and pitch in, a fiery furnace needs him some fuel) in concerns to your stomach…

    Equally, or perhaps more, importantly, is how are the lungs holding up?

    And did you manage to get tax deductable status for us folk in the south land?  

    Be well.

  7. …..wish it could be more. Sending Edger good thoughts and prayers for healing. I really enjoy your diaries, Edger.

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