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Pique the Geek 20100214: The “Common” Cold

Well, I am back now.  I had planned to provide an installment last week, but I had a bad cold and just did not feel much like setting at the keyboard.

Personally, I do not mind the coughing nor the sneezing, or even the sore throat.  The one thing that bothers me the worst is to lose my ability to thermocompensate, such that I feel either cold or hot when I should be in my comfort zone of temperature.  Aspirin assists me to regulate a bit better, but being well is the better feeling.

Help me out here

I have a brand new computer problem and must take action.  In being my typical self it appears that either Google or my personal NSA staff has indeed fried another computer.  The virus manifests itself via search engine redirects and brings up lamestream moronic sheeple shit and tells me nobody sells what I am specifically looking for.  Anyway try it yourself and see if your computer is infected.