Help me out here

I have a brand new computer problem and must take action.  In being my typical self it appears that either Google or my personal NSA staff has indeed fried another computer.  The virus manifests itself via search engine redirects and brings up lamestream moronic sheeple shit and tells me nobody sells what I am specifically looking for.  Anyway try it yourself and see if your computer is infected.

Google search keyword……George Bush’s Paraguay estate

OK…for some reason on my third try that did come up.

The next search however was to collect more pictures of the subterrenes, those nuclear underground tunnel machines they use to build all Cheney’s “undisclosed locations”.  Keyword for Google was subterrene and clicking on the link which looks like Wikipedia returns this?…

Ok, this is weird, now it’s not doing it anymore.  Majestic 12, that now disbanded top secret government real life MIB extra-terrestrial immigration agency.

Wait a second Benjamin Fulford still comes up.…

Ah, never mind, I think I found it, the redirect program that is.

Bottom line though is that mankind has the blessing/curse of free will.  It is up to us to manifest a pure altruism for all humanity.  What am I saying here?  The Kingdom of God lies within.  We as humans manifest and create our own destiny in spite of the Nostradamus’s, Biblical prohpets and aliens with time travel devices.  So what is my real problem?

This list of retarded purposefully retarded “news” subjects very highly offends me.…

We need far more minds on board to effect “change” and by change I don’t mean world depopulation down to 500 million.

Ah, that worked.…


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  1. comes (June of this year) my son is going to be here with the family and not off, drafted by Obama’s Reeks n Wrecks Corps.  

  2. While we’re on the subject of stuff that’s being conveniently omitted from mainstream media, how about this?

    Kucinich questions Merrill Lynch bonuses that were 22 times the size of AIG’s.

    Sorry folks. Kucinich would have made a better President. No one owns him.

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