Let Blackwater Stay Bring Home The Troops

subtitled: America, the militia with corporate sponsorship.

We all know that Blackwater is made up of American militia members, often addicted to crystal meth, known for their racial hatred and itchy trigger fingers.  We also know that Exxon and other oil firms have been using Blackwater for some time now.  So I say let a few guys from Exxon and all of Blackwater stay to guard their precious oil and let everyone else come home.  This is the Exxon War after all, so let’s let a few tweakers go down in flames in Iraq and bring back our honorable soldiers.

Now let’s take a look at a few other corporate sponsors of the Exxon War below the fold.

General Electric via NBC and was the biggest promoter of the Exxon War.  I’m excluding Fox because it’s just too easy.  Hell NBC even offered up one of their own reporters in sacrifice to the Exxon War and let us all witness his last moments on earth.

ABC decided to sell the Exxon war with emotion.  The feelings of those about to go into the desert, the feelings of the loved ones, etc. etc.

Airlines surrendered passenger’s rights without question, website owners gladly surrendered user information, book stores tracked purchases, environmental laws were thrown to the wind, Automobile Manufacturers pushed safe and rugged vehicles, bullshit 9-11 dedications appeared on every web retailer’s site, all in an attempt to promote and maintain the Exxon War in Iraq.

So America, we now have a choice, now that all of this is in the open and we have the advantage of hindsight.  The choice is bring our troops home now and let the Blackwaters and Exxons of the world duke it out at their own expense with local people’s anywhere there is oil or continue to support the Exxon War with our own sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers. uncles, nieces, nephews, neighbors and worst of all grandkids.


  1. never. happen.  they suck at the tit of the neo-con government, who sits on all their boards anyway.

    I wish, though….

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