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Why I Will Vote For Whichever Democrat Is Nominated

Yes, there is much corruption in the Democratic Party. Yes I would personally like to throw Nancy out on her ear. Yes I am disgusted by the shameless cowardice and/or self aggrandizement of too many Democrats in Congress.


I do not belive the Democratic Party is capable of what The Republican Party  – lead by its criminal  leaders have done to this country. Make no mistake. The Democratic Party must improve it’s pathetic records of sheep like cowardice as represented by the current Congress. But stoop this low? No. Only Today’s GOP leadership is capable of this

What women who give a damn about the rights of women want for Xmas


2007 Edition


I originally wrote this diary and posted it on The Daily Kos on December 18, 2006 under my then name, notimportant.

It’s profoundly sad for me to write that the subject of women’s rights was urgent then and has devolved since into a global catastrophic situation. The denial of women’s rights  has always seen a turndown in turbulent times. Sometime things do change – for the worse. Today we are seeing the raping of women not only as a form of genocide in certain parts of the world, but enacted more deliberately, more cruel and inhumanly than at any time in our world’s history. So my brothers and sisters, I urge, even beg you to read about the horrific acts taking place against women now following  this 2006 diary in the form of  a 2007 update.

Then please do something. I have posted numerous ways of doing so. I cannot think of a better gift for you to give the women in your life than to help secure the freedom of women across the globe while putting an end to their unbelievable suffering

I realize this diary is very long. If you don’t have the time – watch this very important video and you will get the message

Please Listen To Me

After going 2 years with absolutely no money owing to a car accident – I finally settled with my car insutance company.

The very first thing I did – and this was someone who could not buy a pair of underware for 2 years – was donate $500 to this site.

Why?  Because i believe in Budhy

I do not know what the hell has happened here.

Here is what I know.

I LOVE this community

Please tell me what is going on.

You call also email me at:

[email protected]

Wake Up, Pakistan is Imploding

So much has happened over the last 48 hours that I cannot report it all. Also I am no expert on Pakisatan. But from what I have read,  it soumds like, once again, the US is continuing on a collision course with ‘reality’ only this time the tinder box has exponentially broader potential consequences. There’s more…

What Were You Thinking You Sick Twisted Freaks

I did not know that Mark Cuban was planning a pre-release screening of Brian De Palma’s REDACTED on cable tv’s “On Demand” channel until I stumbled upon it last night and hit the buy botton ($20) without thinking twice.

I had read all of the reviews, including the award coverage, that came out this summer when Redacted swept through the Venice Film Festival. I  was also highly familiar with the real life story this ‘fictional’ accounting is based upon – : the brutal rape, murder and body burning of a 14 year old Iraqi girl and murder of her family – and I was ready to see this film.

Or so I thought.

Nat King Cole Got It Right

Penned in 1956:

Ok So Its Not Much Of A Diary

Well, its not really a diary at all – but it will give you a much needed laugh.
From the Financial Times “The Best Political Videos on YouTube”

Highlights including Bush Seniors’ thowing up upon eating brocolli
Enjoy and happy monday…

My Personal Take On Why The Netroots Are Becoming Irrelevant

I realize that is a heavy statement. Here’s the good news: it’s not too late to turn this ship around given the primary characteristics members of the activist netroots community share: bravery, commitment, follow-through. So what’s the problem? In a nutshell: both a lack of real leaders as well as a lack of willingness to explore what leadership is about. More below.

Burma: Systematic Rape/Murder and That Chevron Ad

Riddle me this: Why is the largest “progressive” blog in the world advertising Chevron, an undeniable culprit in the state sponsored torture, rape and murder of innocent Burmese women and children? And before you say the all too familiar phrase “because its his blog and he can do what he wants” please join me below:

Thoughts on the Site

First, for me anything Buhdy does is great so take these comments as they are meant – with a grain of salt. As some reading may know my professional background is creating media so I may be a bit more critical and I hope ‘THE CREATOR’ not take it personally. Here goes:

Mission: What is the intended goal of DOCUDHARMA
The name is GREAT. To me it implies “documenting life in its many aspects”. That’s a guess. I think it need a TAGLINE

The Design: My guess is the circles at the top represent different catagories. Yes? What are they? I think this aspect needs some real hard thinking as it will define the culture of this site. I have some ideas if you want them.

Use of Video: With a name like this it is a must have. Here is my bio I can’t seem to publish

I’m known at DKOS as NOTIMPORTANT. I chose that name 5 years ago because in my career I was a “behind the scenes” person – and effective as well. 1.5 years ago I was in a near fatal car crash. I am ok, but it caused an early retirement, which is also ok. Recently I decided it was time for a new name that reflects how happy I am to be alive and thriving. Lastly, my professional expertise was in creating “branded content”. In the 80’s it was cable channels. In the 90’s it was Internet Portals and content. Now I am working on my own project which I hope to bring to this site and other – the ability to diary and comment encorporating user generated video. That will have the effect of blogs such as Docudharma less reliant on the shifting sands of corporately owned entities like YouTube. Really lastly, my ultimate goal is to work with people like Budhy to put some of this content on the digital tiers of cable systems.

So you see I am already working on this and would like community input on new ways of incorporating video.

lASTLY. and this is for everyone here, Buhdy already knows this. I think Buhdy rocks and this site could be a “changling” for the blogging world. And yes, I think the small group here is up for it. When I say changling I am talking about being the first blog to create a new dynamic in blogging that it changes all that comes after it.

To me, this site should document in words, in pictures, in music and sound and video all that is communicated by its users. Its a tall order but this is afterall, what Buhdya started isn’t it?

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