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To My Son, While Far Away – A Report on Lunch, France and Politics

My Son, my friend,

Decided to send you a note on lunch in rural France, on politics and how the French now perceive us since the election.  And, maybe a little more.


In Arzal, right now, I’ve taken a break from the lunch we are having with Bertrand, Nadine, the kids and Joe and Martine from up the street.  In September Joe and some of his friends shot and killed a few  wild boar.  Seems that wild boar are everywhere here, a bad overpopulation problem, and hunting them is becoming a passion with the French who go in for such things.  As you know, I don’t care one way or the other about hunting.  I won’t do it for it doesn’t interest me, but if others wish to, well c’est la guerre. 


Bertrand took the boar meat and combined it with carrots, red wine, onion, celery, mushrooms, prunes soaked in alcohol (!) and many herbs.  Cooked it for 4 hours.  Also made potatoes mashed.  Wonderful preparation.  The lunch started with two bottles of Champaign and many toasts to Obama!.  They love my rental car, a little Citron C1, complete with my last Obama/Biden bumper sticker stuck to the rear bumper.  The French are absolutely geeked about the election results.  Everyone’s just so freaking happy!!  It’s suddenly a good time to be an American abroad in the world.

A Preemptive Strike-Reply for a Post-NeoCon World

(I’m traveling tomorrow, overseas.  I’ll be out of touch all day, and that’ll be a damn shame, as I love this place.  So I decided to post this now, and see if anyone liked it.  I wrote this exactly 2 years ago tomorrow, just after the midterms, because I felt we were going to win big in 08.  We had to win.  And I needed to be prepared, or something like that.  I’d forgotten about it until today when I heard Rove the pundit blathering nonsense to the ‘faithful’.  Neocons for some odd reason still believe they have relevance, still believe they hold power.  This is how I envision dealing with them.  Their mouthpieces, their valued pundits…well, they’re another story.)


My name is ___.

I know you.  

You know me.

The passage of time and our mutual close proximity to each other on the job is what makes that possible.

That and nothing more than that.

(This is an intervention)

I think we can agree that we have known each other for quite some time now.

For your part I know what you think of me, and have actually, many times, brought yourself to speak out loud the “L” word and send it my way.  It has been your highest insult, and I’ve always thanked you for the sentiment.

Because it’s true.

Musical Inspiration – What music inspires you?

We have a few hours to wait for change, to wait for the mandate to be declared by the majority.  So, until we get to that point, and before the Republican Spin Machine starts flooding the airwaves with the names and numbers of all those to blame for such a turn of events, I thought I’d start a little thread of inspirational music.  Not religious music, unless that’s what inspires you, but music that helps to get one through the day.

I have a few to start with, and feel free to add yours in the comments.  I’m interested to see what we find inspirational on this great day.

Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People

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It’s Time

It’s Time.  Done writing.  Done talking.  Done thinking.  Done worrying.  Done with it.

It’s Time.  Time to vote.  Time to make my voice heard.  Time to let the past go (at least for just one day).  Time to move forward and accept decent and hard-fought change, change folding our way for once.

It’s Time.  You know what to do.  You know what to do right now.  You know I’m not preaching to you.  You know I’m preaching only to myself.  You know I need to preach to myself.  I just need to hold it together for one more day.

It’s Time.  GOTV.  STFIL.  Make your voice heard.  Make my voice heard.  Keep my side of the bargain.  Make living worthwhile.  Let my country be strong and proud again.

It’s Time.  I need to say thank you.  I need to say it to you all.  Everyone who reads this and everyone who misses it.  I need to learn how to say ‘thanks’ better.  For right now this is the best I can do.

It’s Time.  Thank you.  My depression has lifted.  I am no longer afraid.  It’s Time To Come Alive.  You all have helped me to this point.  Blue and Orange both.  Now it’s my turn to give back with the best weapon I have:  My Vote.

It’s Time.  Oh God…finally it’s time!

It’s Time.

Gregg Cagno’s 50 Reasons to Vote Obama

I found this on YouTube today, and decided to share it with everyone.  I think the guy’s name is Gregg Cagno.  

Please excuse me if this has already been posted, but it’s pretty nice.  Hope you all like it.

The Bush/McCain/(Palin) War

It’s war for sure, and it’s being waged upon us, the People of the United States.

It’s being waged for reasons we’ll never fully understand.

It’s being waged for reasons not openly explained.

It’s being waged for guesswork-reasons that make little sense.

War waged as a shot in the dark making little sense to any free-thinking person.

My 18 yo Son Lost His Virginity Yesterday! (And I Watched!!!)

(Just a short one, crossposted from D-Kos)

Yep, he did!  Zach turned 18 this past June.   And yesterday, at lunch, I picked him up from the house and we went to the precinct at our nearby middle school.  There, my son voted in his first election as a registered voter!

“It’s just a primary,” some might say, but I know as well as every person here that every election is important.  And Zach, intrigued by the process, is just discovering this as well.  Seems the election workers somehow knew that this was his first vote, congratulated him and helped him through the process.

He voted (Dem, he told me) and picked up his ‘I Voted” sticker.

Select Vids From YouTube

Well, it was a long weekend, and looks to be a longer week coming up.  I had some free time and decided to find some favorites on YouTube and share them with you all.  Hope you like them, and………………ENJOY!!!

God is a DJ (has nothing to do with Pink!).

John Hartford is one of my favorites, and this is one of my favorite tunes by him… Steam Powered Areoplane – May not be the best vid, but still Happy, American Goodle Music

More below…

“Stab Your Friends In The Back” Republicans? Screw ‘Em!

I’m not feeling very generous towards Republicans these days.  No matter what they now say, they let Bush, that bald other-president and all their cronies assault our country and attempt to lay waste our core beliefs.

Impeachment’s too good for those cats, but what the ‘ell… Bring it on!

But they aren’t the only ones to blame.  I blame all Republicans.  

Iraq.  And lying.

Especially for 2004.


And the last 8 years of attempted fascist rule.

And Iraq.

And Iran (a preempt).

And for putting me in the position where, eventually, I’m going to have to forgive them for all that, and much more, because someday I’ll end up coming to my senses and see that that’s the only way to forgive myself for writing essays like this one.

Damn Republicans!

The Day After the Day the Dark Age Ends


To a person:  Man, women and child…

If we all followed the better tenants of the Good Books we feel the need to believe in…

If we all stopped the racism…

If we all stopped the killing…

If we all stopped the mad-grab for money, power and control…

If we all stopped the lying…

If we stopped playing god and lording over people…

If we started sharing…

If we started helping…

If we started giving…

If we started loving…

If we started feeling…

If we started to get personal with the lessons and stopped believing that tithing is enough to get us into heaven…

If we stopped the process of believing in vague mythologies out of stark fear for selfish comforts…

If we started to stop the hatred and stop delaying that start at living in true peace…

How could the various gods of all our mythologies be angry with us?

Even if we ended up throwing them away, if we accomplished the god’s goal of Peace on Earth, how could they all not but retreat in joy from our lives, minds and souls, mission accomplished, problem solved?

How could they not do this?

Could we let them?

If we grew to adulthood, would our Gods let us move away from home and start worlds of our own?

What would we do?

Will we ever emerge?

Should we rise up?


Please Note:  I first wrote this essay on my personal process of finding belief years ago.  It’s never static, it’s not perfect and I make no claim that it is so.  It just came out on paper one day and today, after my latest revisit, I decided to share it.  I’ve never let anyone see it before.  I do return to it ever so often, and it morphs as the moods see fit and my convictions allow.  It’s always in flux, just like our world at present…just like me.  This is the current version, though I wonder what it will sound like on the 5th of November?


At one point in the journey I found myself at the crossroads looking for answers.  Actually, I was desperate for them, and equally desperate for console.

You see, I live in this world, too.

A world where programmed waves of broadcast ignorance wash over me with clocklike regularity; this world where “faith-based” truths are bellowed nonsensically as answers to my cries for considerations for serious resolutions; this world where Science so fears to speak up and demand that it’s logic be heard that it will allow the teaching of that which to the very core of its belief it knows to be false; this world where our leaders believe that instilling us with the idea that fear in living life is our only avenue to a secure life, and so a joyful life; this world…

Somewhere in this world I felt there was a wise soul seeking to share wisdom…seeking a student…seeking me.

I found him at the crossroads (echo’s return: He stumbled over me at the crossroads).

MI & FL Delegates…Standing Room Only.

I’m from Michigan, and I voted in the ‘Primary’ back on January 16.  I had no say as to when the primary was to occur.  Gov. Granholm and the Michigan Democratic Party sorted all that out, to a disastrous end.  So I voted, but not for my candidate, John Edwards.  He wasn’t on the ballot, I wasn’t a big Clinton fan, still am not, so I voted for something else.

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