“Stab Your Friends In The Back” Republicans? Screw ‘Em!

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I’m not feeling very generous towards Republicans these days.  No matter what they now say, they let Bush, that bald other-president and all their cronies assault our country and attempt to lay waste our core beliefs.

Impeachment’s too good for those cats, but what the ‘ell… Bring it on!

But they aren’t the only ones to blame.  I blame all Republicans.  

Iraq.  And lying.

Especially for 2004.


And the last 8 years of attempted fascist rule.

And Iraq.

And Iran (a preempt).

And for putting me in the position where, eventually, I’m going to have to forgive them for all that, and much more, because someday I’ll end up coming to my senses and see that that’s the only way to forgive myself for writing essays like this one.

Damn Republicans!

Now I know that the company line is to “put the past behind us and start building a consensus, heal the country, blah, blah, blah.”

Yeah, well, hell!  We’ve only been doing that for the last 100 years or so, and every time we finally get back in power the first thing we gotta do is get out the mops and buckets and clean up the children’s mess!

Maybe its time to stop with all that.

And I know it’s not practical and I know it will never happen, so don’t lecture me, ’cause I already know, ya know?  But it just feels so good to say it out loud, especially to a Repub’s face, ’cause when their eyes all twist up and spin about in their sockets, their cheeks turn that bright purplish hue and they start gasping with that little choppy-not-really-providing-nuff-O2 breath, it really makes my day!

“Here’s what I’d like to see,” I say:

1.  Outlaw the republican party. It’s proven that it can neither hold nor share power.  It has had it’s chance, has failed miserably and now it’s time to tie it up in a burlap bag, haul it out to a bridge on a rainy November night, chuck it over the side and drown it.

2.  If you were a republican then you can’t switch to another party for 15 years.  You’ve lost the right to vote for 15 years, as well.  So has your family.  You’re done.  Time to let the Fact of evolution take it’s inevitable toll on your selfish policies and dangerous beliefs.  You don’t like it, go pollute the minds of others living elsewhere, outside our borders.  We’ll be happy to issue you a one-way visa.  Otherwise, to take a page out of Bill O’Reilly’s book and…SHUT UP!

3.  Don’t expect the world or the people in it to trust you for quite some time.  You did this to yourself.  You’ve created a huge-ass mess, all the while expecting others to clean it up for you.  So we’ll clean it up for you, but don’t be surprised when we ask you to help.  Just remember:  We also won’t be surprised when we receive your refusal to help.  We’ll just remember…at the polls…for decades to come!  (See number one, above and think…’There’s more than one way to skin a dead cat’.)

4.  I don’t need to tell you to go to hell because you’re going there anyway, so I’ll just say this:  Whenever you attain power you also are granted the chance to become that which is the best that humankind has to offer:  A Leader of Compassion.  Instead, you and yours chose to become Oppressors of American Liberty…oppressors both in and outside of our borders.  Now you have to live with the consequences of having been busted as such.  So stop crying about it, accept it, see number 3) above and then refer to the very end of number 2).

In reality, numbers 1 and 2 above both kinda suck, and are probably illegal at many, many different levels.  But I like the idea of them, and since it’s still a free country (for now, at least), what the hell.  An idea floated is an idea with at least half a skoash at success.

But numbers 3 and 4, now those two I can really believe in.

Again, I know this isn’t really practical and it won’t happen, but in reality it’s not all a snark-rant on my part.

It’s not, because I truly believe that these bastards don’t deserve to get off the hook just because we won an election.  But they will.  And it’ll be Dems that let ’em off.

And in 8 or 10 years these slimy creatures will be back knocking on the door:  “Ohh…ohh!  We’ve changed…we’ve changed!  We’re so cool now!  I know things are going great, but give us the chance to make it better!  Vote for us!  Vote for us!”

Oh god, cheery thought that, no?

No, it’s not.  But regardless, the thing that separates us from them is that we know how to forgive.  And we do forgive. And we will forgive them.  We just gotta figure out a way to effectively forgive them without giving away the farm every god damn time!

Maybe a Work-Release Forgiveness program.

Anything but loyalty oaths and scary rhetoric.  That’s what they do.  And we’re not them.

I first wrote this a half a year ago and posted it on the Kos.  Considering the antics of the latest Rat-Abandoning-The-Sinking-Ship, Scott McTellen-on-all-a-you, I thought the tenor of this essay appropriate.  That said, I’d only like to follow with:  Man, these scum just love a news cycle, regardless of which country they attempt to trash.  

Also:  That liar McClellen belongs in jail…serious jail…not ‘time to improve your backswing’ jail…I mean ‘Bubba is your new boyfriend’ jail.  Just sayin’.


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    • WSComn on June 2, 2008 at 4:47 am

    Sometimes I just don’t know what to do, lol!

  1. …started out as Republicans. Then came Kennedy, Johnson, and the Civil Rights Movement. As the racists started congregating in the Republican Party and the Democrats became the party of equality, my grandparents switched affiliation.

    Mind you, they were Wisconsin Republicans at a time when that meant something progressive.

    If they were alive today, I have no doubt they’d say anyone who is still supporting the Republican Party today is a “stab your friends in the back” kind of person.

  2. You sound just like a fascist.

    It’s just what the left is these days….phoney liberals who embrace the fascism of the Democratic Party.

    Both the Republicans and The Democrats are essientially purveyors of the new Security State and encourage the idea of spending money on “defense” against imaginary enemies like “al Queda”…which only barely exists…if at all. The U.S. spends more money on the military than all the nations in the world combined and people like you are unwittingly supportive of this with your tirade against the Republicans which presumes that there is some substantial difference between Republicans and Democrats.

    The bottom line now is becoming increasingly apparent to me.


  3. That’s a chant that needs to be revived.  

    Here’s the plan.  Work-release to be implemented in Baghdad.  Let ’em clean up all the rubble they created over there.  

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