The Bush/McCain/(Palin) War

It’s war for sure, and it’s being waged upon us, the People of the United States.

It’s being waged for reasons we’ll never fully understand.

It’s being waged for reasons not openly explained.

It’s being waged for guesswork-reasons that make little sense.

War waged as a shot in the dark making little sense to any free-thinking person.

Who fights this war against those (us) who believe in freedom?

Those who wield the power swords of ‘Justice’ are given free reign to abuse the people they are sworn to protect.

Those who wield the power of health-care are told to listen to the bottom line, pump the profit margin larger by letting the marginally sick fall by the way-side as inconvenient and costly (some listen, some don’t), even though the sick are the people they have sworn to protect.

Those who wield the power of information and opinion for the ‘mob’.  Those who assure us they are free and fair, but are instructed by a ‘superior-intellect’ as to what that opinion should be, how it should be conveyed and how the mob should be thinking.  Those whose minds and souls are lost to an illusion that they are not only part of the ‘team’ but that they are the story, and not the story they are telling.  Those with a sworn duty to tell that ‘story’, sworn not to all of us, but only in compliance with the wishes of their station-agents of communication, their masters, with their instructions:  Spin and lie – lie and spin, sing the tale, sing it loud, loud enough, long enough, enough to become the ‘Truth’ (yada-yada, talk, talk, talk)…

Those who wield the power of Energy, raping a world and it’s people, front to back, no remorse, no caution, no regret, this world they believe they created and so follows convinced that they own and can do with what they will, and all the rest of us??? Shut the fuck up and drink oil.

They believe they have the upper hand, and they have their right to Targets.

People who don’t listen are their Targets.

People who object to what they are hearing are their Targets.

People who believe in helping others are their Targets.

People who need help and ask for it are their Targets.

People who depend on our elected officials for community services legitimately earned are their Targets.

People who understand what is happening but are told they don’t really understand what is happening, and to shut up, go home, don’t vote, don’t think, don’t organize, don’t help, don’t try, don’t write, don’t blog, don’t change and don’t believe in one man’s vision of change but to accept without reason or explanation another man’s claims of change are their Targets.

Targets are held up to ridicule and derision, for the very idea that one could think-act-believe differently than they do is an anathema to the very core of their beliefs.  Targets are harassed and abused, physically and mentally.  Targets are cataloged, their information stored, stored somewhere safe, safe and available to those who are not Targets.

I’ve seen them and found that how they act is based on what they believe.

Their belief is fed by their hate.  And with blind fury do they ever hate.

The substance of what they hate apparently doesn’t matter.  They just hate all that they deem ‘different’.

There is no acceptance in their lives.  Their faith is only blind faith, faith without question.  And just as blind faith can be dangerous in the extreme, Blind Hatred is horribly dangerous.

It is ‘End justifies the means’.

It is ‘Are you safer now than you were four years ago?’.

It is ‘Mission Accomplished’.

It is ‘I was just following orders’.

Their hatred is blind.

It’s war for sure, and with blind hatred as it’s catalyst, how can they be sure who is a friend and who is not?

They cannot.  So it is war upon us all.  It’s a war not of our making, not completely.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.

But it is.  And we helped.  Now we need to help in another way.

This is why the polls mean nothing.

This is why more ‘Our Guy’ signs and stickers and buttons than the ‘Other Guy” signs and stickers and buttons mean nothing.

This is why a sense of relief and hope that we finally have a candidate that can change the course of our country and better our lives and the lives of all Americans means nothing.

There can be no sigh of relief or chance of rest between now and November 4th, 2008.


Because the one thing I didn’t mention was what they love.

Power (but you knew that, didn’t you).

They love only power and the chance to push people around, tell them what to do and watch them scurry off to do it.  What people are actually doing doesn’t matter, all that matters is that they are doing as they have been told.

That is what they love.

Some would say they love only money, but money is only a tool.  It is one of the

main tools of power.

Money, Weapons, Fear and Death.

You see, we need to retire this whole sorry crowd not because of what they hate.  We need to end their terrible and failed experiment with democracy solely because of what they love.

We need to send them on their way because they don’t know how to wield power.  They don’t know how to play with others.  They are just children, and we, as adults, have not been responsible because we’ve placed loaded guns in the hands of these children.  And because of this we are also at fault.

We could have not given them to the children in the first place (tried harder to not elect these fools in the first place).

We could have taken them away (Impeach them out of office).

We could have accepted their offer to share power with them  (LOLOLOLOLOLOL…I had to inject some humor somewhere ;-).

But we didn’t, and they didn’t.  And now we pay penance.  We don’t rest until we’ve accomplished the goals set before us and removed these children from power.

Don’t let them distract us.  Don’t let them perform the McCain ‘Bait and Switch’.  Palin is nothing but ‘Hate her, not me!’ fodder for McCain.  He’s the problem.  He’s who we need to go after.  Palin only becomes a problem if she actually becomes VP.

But if we fall for it, if we let them determine our course of action, if we let them dictate our path, if the ‘Bait and Switch’ tactics work, then we let them keep the guns for four more years.  Then the nightmare begins in earnest.

And if that occurs, it will be only a matter of time before these children get around to pointing the guns at us for real.

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    • WSComn on September 14, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Not someone who feels they ‘deserve’ to be president.

    Thanks for reading.

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