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Thoughts on Blogging the Future

Over the last few weeks I’ve been re-evaluating what exactly I am trying to accomplish by writing on sites like this and why I even started in the first place.  I had some very interesting conversations this past weekend and I think it’s helped me tie together some ideas.

Even when it rains

I forgot my camera (sorry no pictures this time) but I wanted to write about my experience at the protest in NY this past weekend.  Despite the rain, there were about 50,000 people who showed up and marched down Broadway.  I felt like the protest had a very different feel from the one in DC last month.  It was somber and felt more like an obligation than an exercise in democracy.

I had friends telling me throughout the week that it was going to rain.  My response?  If I’m marching to end the death and destruction this war has caused, on principle alone I can’t back out because I don’t want to stand in the rain for a few hours. 

At least I wasn’t the only one who felt that way…..

Reading the Al Gore Tea Leaves

I love tracking stories online. 
But this one extends all over the place. 

I’m thinking my October 15th guess was dead on.

Free Burma

Today there are many bloggers joining together to support those in Burma who have risked their lives to spread the truth.  This article gives some details about what bloggers in Burma have had to subject themselves to just to tell their stories.  As a sign of solidarity, thousands of people across the globe are dedicating their stories today to the freedom of Burma.  I am one of them.

Also, for any of you Penn State students or Alumni, Chevron has made a deal with the school for $17.5 million for researching coal.  I wrote the Collegian (the student paper) about the importance of not supporting Chevron if they support freedom in Burma.  I think it will be published tomorrow.  I hope my fellow Penn Stater’s will let them know we don’t support Chevron, and we don’t support Penn State accepting their money.  Every little bit that we all do adds to the collective and once it’s large enough we can bring about change.

An Analysis : Critical Role of Bloggers and the Internet in Burma

Hello all.

I don’t normally post here, but the situation in Burma seems to have gotten more coverage on this end.  Plus everyone here seems to lean more towards my progressive political views anyways.

This is kind of long, but I think it’s worth reading all the way through if you are interested in how the internet is shaping current events and the world around us. 

In my last essay (ironically enough) I touched on the importance of the internet and the power we hold to spread the truth to the world instantly.  There has never been a situation that could prove a more perfect example than the uprising going on in Burma. 

If you ever doubted the power we have, this should change your mind.

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