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Free Burma

Today there are many bloggers joining together to support those in Burma who have risked their lives to spread the truth.  This article gives some details about what bloggers in Burma have had to subject themselves to just to tell their stories.  As a sign of solidarity, thousands of people across the globe are dedicating their stories today to the freedom of Burma.  I am one of them.

Also, for any of you Penn State students or Alumni, Chevron has made a deal with the school for $17.5 million for researching coal.  I wrote the Collegian (the student paper) about the importance of not supporting Chevron if they support freedom in Burma.  I think it will be published tomorrow.  I hope my fellow Penn Stater’s will let them know we don’t support Chevron, and we don’t support Penn State accepting their money.  Every little bit that we all do adds to the collective and once it’s large enough we can bring about change.