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America Tortures – Good Bye to Daily Kos

This is my good-bye to Daily Kos, posted this morning:


This is not a Bipolar rant, followed by weeks of absence and then a sheepish return.

I’m done with Daily-Kos, because I’m done with America as it currently stands in the world of civilized peoples.

America tortures.  It’s now official.

The Democratic Party just allowed the approval of an Attorney-General who refused to call water-boarding torture or illegal.

The only explanation I can accept for this is that it’s now no longer a big deal.  America tortures…just don’t admit it in public…wink-wink…let’s move on the the spending bill…

Not this guy…I’m outta here.

Oh Canada!!! Rachel Marsden Fired From Toronto Sun

posted at the Big Orange Monster


I love the smell of schadenfruede in the morning…I’ve got to give a tip to the Canadian blog site A Creative Revolution, of which I am a proud effin’ member this mornin’…way to go, guys, and pale…luv ya!!

Looks like our letters to the editor rubbed someone at the Toronto Sun the wrong way, and she’s been dumped from the silly rag…

Oh, it’s still a silly right-wing rag, but it is so much less odious this morning…

Canadian Kossacks, take a bow!!!

Canadian Kossacks – Call to Arms

cross-posted at Dkos and the Canadian blog A Creative Revolution


O.K., Canadian Kossacks, we’re going to put our money where out mouths are, and we’re taking the fight to Harper and his cronies before he can get his “Bush-lite” act out from backstage.

The relying cry, tentatively, is to be, “Not In Our Country, Not In Our Names…”  Come up with a better one and we’ll go with it…

The last straw, for NoPoint, was the Rachel Marsden column in the weekend Sun applauding torture, and I for one am not going to sit by while this garbage is published in Canadian papers…

It’s time for some action, folks!!! Follow NoPoint over the flip…

Action Call – Columnist Endorsing Torture

I’ve posted this over at dkos, and I call upon all ‘Dharmites who oppose torture to assist me with this please…just even copying and pasting my letter and sending it on…I’m beyond words…


I need any Kossacks opposing torture to contact the editor of the Toronto Sun immediately demanding an explanation for this garbage I just read, enttitled:

“Torture? Sounds like a swimmingly good idea”

The contact information is as follows:

[email protected]

The editorial page editor is here:

[email protected]

I’ve posted a copy of my Letter to the Editor below the fold:

Here’s a disgusting taste of the article:

So now that we’ve established that the detainees in question aren’t even protected by the Geneva convention, and that they often have crucial information that can save lives, what about the idea of waterboarding as “torture”?

When asked about it during a recent CNN appearance, I suggested that “one man’s torture is another’s CIA-sponsored swim lesson.” In case anyone thought I was being facetious — I wasn’t.

Don’t Rec This Diary (Fiction Piece)

I started a novella the summer before I was committed and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and I never got past the first part of the first chapter.  Sadly, my life was unravelling at the same time, and I had to put it aside with the other half-dozen “begun” novels.

That’s no problem, I usually have a story laid out from beginning to end before I even start it, and it’s a matter of colouring in the rest with “events…”

So, this is a novella about a young man returning home from college to see his dying father, a weekend that spirals into obsession and depression and ends with the young star quarterback…well…I have just the beginning part, and I’m wondering if any Dharmites who are into fiction writing (especially the rural types, this has a farm setting and though I grew up in the country across the road from two farms, I didn’t grow up on them) would give some feedback if they’re so inclined…as in, this sucks, pitch it, or try finishing it…

I write in a vacuum, and never know if what I’ve written is any good…until others see it, which is difficult because I’m obsessively private about my fiction writing…go figure…so, below the fold is the part I have so far…

How Does It Feel To Be Broken?

This is a long, rambling meta Essay, originally keyed for my friends here at DD, and I am writing as I listen, and when I am finished, I shall do quick spell-check and “save,” may you all have mercy upon my vomitous verbiage…it’s the only way I know how to write, off the top of my head…so here goes…


I love the video “Broken” by Seether f. Amy Lee, because the landscape is so soothing to me.

Let me explain…

Have you ever seen the video?  Watch it on YouTube on the flip, and stay with me while I continue…

I’m Talking About Freedom

cross-posted at the OrangeBehemoth


I’m talking about Freedom.

There are so many definitions of Freedom.

My progressive view of it is exactly that: Freedom.

We are all born Free, and yet so few of us remain so during our lives.

People call me an asshole or nut, or other complimentary terms, because I have a unique, I suppose, view of Freedom, for which I have fought tooth and nail, to overcome the barriers placed to block my path to Freedom, and I refuse to yield one inch of mine, ever again, without fighting to the Death to retain it.

Freedom or Death, and I kid you not, brothers and sisters…I don’t know what Liberty is, but I know fucking Freedom when I see it…