Canadian Kossacks – Call to Arms

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O.K., Canadian Kossacks, we’re going to put our money where out mouths are, and we’re taking the fight to Harper and his cronies before he can get his “Bush-lite” act out from backstage.

The relying cry, tentatively, is to be, “Not In Our Country, Not In Our Names…”  Come up with a better one and we’ll go with it…

The last straw, for NoPoint, was the Rachel Marsden column in the weekend Sun applauding torture, and I for one am not going to sit by while this garbage is published in Canadian papers…

It’s time for some action, folks!!! Follow NoPoint over the flip…

First things first:

1. Chapters – I can only right now speak for the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Chapter of Kanuck Kossacks.  I live in the GTA, and so do a few other Kossacks.  Some of you, I know, are out West, and while the Kanuck Kossack membership will be nation-wide, I’d advise regional Kanucks to get Chapterized, at least with an emailing list for quick action calls, and for informal social get-togethers.

2. Get-togethers – Nothing solid yet, we’re still in the planning stages, but there will be GTA-Kossacks meeting before the spring, take that to the bank. We’re all busy, so it might take some planning, but we’re going to do it…and there should be pictures (end-threat)

3. Site and Leaders – I’m wondering if we should start a site for Kanuck Kossack members, but I think acreativerevolution would probably be a good place to gather online…if anyone has a better suggestion, this is going to be a democratic group.  No dictator, everyone’s input will be considered.  I for one have no desire to be the heavy, so I won’t run regardless…

This is just beginning…I’ll cross-post at Creative and Docudharma…lots of Kanuck Kossacks at both places…

We’re going to bring politically-conscious and decent Canadians together, and we’re going to make our voices heard…



Who’s In?


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  1. give ’em hell!!

  2. here. This inhumanity is global and insidious as it seeks to become the world order. Good luck, Canada has always seemed a little saner then here so perhaps it won’t develop the deep roots the fascist bastards have here.

  3. which was publsihed in the Toronto Sun today. Not unexpectedly they added an editorial note/reply, to wit:

    (Marsden was giving her opinion about whether coercive interrogation/torture is justified in order to obtain intelligence information from unlawful enemy combatants, an issue which is now being widely debated in the United States.)

    So, this morning I wrote back to their editorial to let them know thyat we will writing the advertisers that have been served up on the web page with Ms. Marsden’s column to ask if they wish to be associated with viewpoint, her little ‘joke’ about torture being just like ‘swimming lessons’,  and her support and advocacy for the use of such torture, which is illegal in Canadian law.

    Here’s a list of the advertisers that have appeared on that page. Please let them know how you feel, and ask them teh hard questions. Do you support this viewpoint? Do you wish to be associated with this viewpoint? Will you pull your advertising from all Sun Media Corporation properties and publications until Ms. Marsden is released from their employ? etc…

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  4. Thank you for informing us of this, as well!

    • Alma on November 7, 2007 at 3:55 am

    We’ve tried to contain it, but our Congresscritters seem hypnotized, and incapacitated by it.

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