Oh Canada!!! Rachel Marsden Fired From Toronto Sun

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I love the smell of schadenfruede in the morning…I’ve got to give a tip to the Canadian blog site A Creative Revolution, of which I am a proud effin’ member this mornin’…way to go, guys, and pale…luv ya!!

Looks like our letters to the editor rubbed someone at the Toronto Sun the wrong way, and she’s been dumped from the silly rag…

Oh, it’s still a silly right-wing rag, but it is so much less odious this morning…

Canadian Kossacks, take a bow!!!

For those not aware of that which I speak, here’s the rundown on what we Canadian bloggers did after I read a disgusting “I’m a Torture Cheer-leader” column from Ann Coulter Wannabe Rachel Marsden:

  So now that we’ve established that the detainees in question aren’t even protected by the Geneva convention, and that they often have crucial information that can save lives, what about the idea of waterboarding as “torture”?

  When asked about it during a recent CNN appearance, I suggested that “one man’s torture is another’s CIA-sponsored swim lesson.” In case anyone thought I was being facetious — I wasn’t.

And here’s what I wrote in turn to the Sun:


I would just like to confirm that the Toronto Sun has indeed published this article by Rachel Marsden endorsing the use of torture on “terrorist suspects, entitled Torture? Sounds Like a Swimmingly Good Idea

  In the wake of the Mahar Arar affair, I felt the need to give the Sun a chance to explain its rationale for publishing such a toxic and shameful opinion article endorsing the torture of human beings.

  At the end of the day, I shall be forwarding this article and your response or lack thereof to international blogs and bloggers, and will also be looking into violations of Canadian broadcasting standards.

  This is a shameful thing to come across in a Canadian publication.  I am beyond words to describe further my outrage over this article.

  I assure you that this matter shall not be dropped, smug reply notwithstanding.

  Thank you for your time.


  A shocked and dismayed Canadian

Fuck You, Rachel, go back to Foxnews with that garbage, this is Canada, thank you very much…

Seems enough of us wrote the Sun and made them sweat a bit with our talk of contacting their advertisers and our local Members of Parliament, ’cause it now seems they couldn’t dump her fast enough:

A little taste of Rachel’s sour grapes, courtesy of her disgusting and bordering on pornographic website:

Sun Media Column Statement:

“Attention terrorists and Islamofascists:  You can now read the Toronto Sun without having your delicate sensibilities offended, as my weekly column is no longer with Sun Media.  I am currently exploring US syndication and other venues for the column.  In the meantime, you can continue to read it here at RachelMarsden.com, every Monday.  And yes (to respond to some of your queries), after more than 2 years of writing weekly for the Sun, I’ve been under a new Editor-in-Chief, Lou Clancy, since October 5th, who comes from Canada’s most liberal newspaper:  The Toronto Star.  My column about Islam was spiked on his first day at the job.  Best of luck to any principled conservatives who remain.”

– Rachel Marsden, November 7/07

My response to Ms Marsden: Go Fuck Yourself, Sweetheart…  You’ve just learned the first rule of speech in a free country: You are free to speak, but there are consequences to that speech…

Have a great day, Dkos!!!

I’m having a little party today…


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  1. on TheManWithNoPoint…cheers!!!

    • pico on November 8, 2007 at 18:27

    one woman’s sour grapes is another’s chianti.  Speaking of which, a toast to the Toronto Sun!

  2. don’t ever seem to understand the consequences part. Maybe they get it a little more now.

    Now if only we could absorb some of that Canadian decency we’d be on the road to getting our country back.

    • fatdave on November 8, 2007 at 19:00

    do you think they buried her under that damp slab too?

  3. …Never heard of any.

    I was going to post this to your diary over at Planet Orange, but somebody beat me to it.

    Congratulations to our friends to the north!

  4. talk about a disconnect….

    wasnt ‘treatment of detainees’ one of the reasons WE were supposed to ‘hate’ ‘islamofascists’???  and now the worm has turned…

    now THEY are the ones with ‘tender sensibilities’ (werent they just vicious soulless killers a few weeks ago?)…

  5. quick action on the part of you and the others.

    Wish we could accomplish even just one thing in so little time!

    Kudos to you!

  6. Ya’ done good, TMWNP.  Who’s next?

  7. http://www.augustrev

    • Temmoku on November 9, 2007 at 03:23

    Tucker, then Hannity, O’Lielly, and Limbaugh???? Oh the joy of the possibilities…I just hope they get their ases kicked…they can stay on for the braindead but in a diminished market so the rest of us won’t have to hear their tiny minds working their hate-filled mouths

    • psyched on November 10, 2007 at 03:18

    Congratulations on such a well-written letter and to all the other complainers who elicited such fast action.

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