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blueness had a breakdown and got banned


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sent him packing

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they got rubber walls at this funny farm

A few lowlights from this thread at the Big Orange Tumor:

you’re (2+ / 0-)

the vandal. By your own admission, your people have been involved in killing other human beings for more than 1000 years. How you can, in the face of that, show your face here, indicates but self-obliviousness towering higher than any man-built edifice ever erected on this earth.

by blueness on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 03:52:17 PM PST

i would submit (3+ / 0-)

that what is truly loathsome is boasting that your people have killed human beings for 1000 years, and then avidly scrabbling all over this site to make sure that killing machines will continue to be available.

by blueness on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 04:29:37 PM PST

otteray (2+ / 0-)

brags on this site that his people have not missed a warring opportunity to kill other human beings in more than 1000 years.

In my opinion, if one boasts of this, as otteray has done, it warrants crawling-on-the-knees-to-Canterbury penance.

Unless one believes that killing people is the highest and purest expression of what it means to be a human being. In which case this should be expressed-straight out.

by blueness on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 05:03:06 PM PST

2nd Syrian Child Brutally Tortured

Holy shit, the bloodlust of Syria’s security forces is seemingly unquenchable. These sadists have barbarically tortured a second child, a friend of Hamza al Khateeb, the first boy who suffered unspeakable horror at the hands of Assad’s men.

The video, broadcast by Al Jazeera, shows the body of 15-year-old Thamer al-Sahri in gruesome condition.

Incredible Video from Syria

Assad The Sadist w/video

A Syrian child has been barbarically tortured and murdered by Assad’s security forces. He’s now a symbol of Syrian resistance. With a thousand civilians killed, ten thousand arrested, and many tortured, Assad and his merry murderous band of Alawites must go!

CAIRO – Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, a round-faced 13-year-old boy, was arrested at a protest in Jiza, a southern Syrian village near Dara’a, on April 29. Nothing was known of him for a month before his mutilated corpse was returned to his family on the condition, according to activists, that they never speak of his brutal end.

But the remains themselves testify all too clearly to ghastly torture. Video posted online shows his battered, purple face. His skin is scrawled with cuts, gashes, deep burns and bullet wounds that would probably have injured but not killed. His jaw and kneecaps are shattered, according to an unidentified narrator, and his penis chopped off.

“These are the reforms of the treacherous Bashar,” the narrator says. “Where are human rights? Where are the international criminal tribunals?”

In Syria and beyond, the youth’s battered body has cast into shocking relief the terrors wielded by the Syrian state against its people.

Circulating in various versions, the video has injected new life into a six-week uprising against President Bashar al-Assad that has appeared to settle into a bloody stalemate of protests and violent government responses. In the days since news of the death spread, more than 58,000 people have visited and expressed support for a Facebook page memorializing the boy, Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, as a “child martyr.”

Where are human rights?

Don’t call it “The Big Orange Tumor”


Whatever you do don’t call DK4 The Big Orange Tumor. Are we clear?

cause It’s not a tumor, it’s li’l kos’s customized money pit. Ads blaze everywhere, on every page, even on the “community” members’ individual diaries. (note use of quotes = sarcasm here P8).

Long time contributors and their diaries have been relegated to the back of the bus, that is, taken off the FP. Why? because according to the BOT’s, Big Orange Tumor’s , surveys most readers never open those diaries, they merely peruse the front page. You see, kos only caters to what’s bringing in the cash – loyalty to “community” members (aka suckers) is non existent.

The tumor place is set up for maximum clicking to maximize lord fauntelroy’s ad revenues.

So eye repeat, whatever you do, don’t think of Daily Kos 4 as The Big Orange Tumor

Thank You.