2nd Syrian Child Brutally Tortured

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Holy shit, the bloodlust of Syria’s security forces is seemingly unquenchable. These sadists have barbarically tortured a second child, a friend of Hamza al Khateeb, the first boy who suffered unspeakable horror at the hands of Assad’s men.

The video, broadcast by Al Jazeera, shows the body of 15-year-old Thamer al-Sahri in gruesome condition.

Sadistic Syrian soldiers in action

So this is the abhorrent culture the Assads have cultivated behind high walls and closed doors all these years. Well, given all the new media, these horrific secrets are now being exposed to the world.

Assad the Sadist must go!

According to an activist in Homs, throngs of peaceful protesters were met with live ammunition by a security force that has remained by and large loyal to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Tanks began to take position Wednesday night, preparing to stage mass arrests and assaults on thousands of demonstrators Friday, he said.

“It is unacceptable. I ask the Arab army of Syria to take a good look at what’s going on. They want to kill off their own people? Our army is supposed to protect us. Even animals have never been treated this brutally,” he said.

Security forces appear to be growing more brazen. In the video below, Syrian soldiers kick and stomp a blindfolded victim who is crying for help and wailing in pain in Bab Amr in the province of Homs a day earlier. Afterward the soldiers take a group picture standing on the backs of their victims.

“This is for asking for freedom,” said the soldier as he beat the victim. “You want to topple the regime? Here the regime is down. What else do you want? Tell me what freedom means to you?” asked the soldier.



  1. (New York) – United Nations Security Council members should support a resolution demanding an immediate end to the Syrian government’s brutal crackdown against largely peaceful demonstrators, Human Rights Watch said today. According to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), “non-governmental organizations and others are now reporting that the number of men, women and children killed since the protests began in March has exceeded 1,100, with up to 10,000 or more detained.”

    The Security Council’s complete silence in the face of mass atrocities against the people of Syria is emboldening the Syrian government in its bloody crackdown,” said Philippe Bolopion, UN director at Human Rights Watch. “A veto by Russia and China to protect the Syrian government and block efforts to stop the killings would be a serious betrayal of Syria’s beleaguered citizens.

    Despite the efforts of Syrian authorities to prevent access to the country, Human Rights Watch researchers have conducted dozens of interviews inside Syria and established that Syrian security forces have killed hundreds of protesters and arbitrarily arrested thousands, many of whom, including children, have been beaten and tortured. The systematic and deliberate nature and scale of the government’s abuses in the Daraa governorate, where at least 418 people have been killed and many others tortured, including children, suggest that they qualify as crimes against humanity.

    To justify their opposition to any Security Council action, some countries have expressed concerns about the way NATO is implementing resolution 1973, which authorized the use of force in Libya to protect civilians.

    Countries bringing the Libya baggage to this debate have to explain why Syrian victims should suffer the consequences of a NATO military intervention in which they had no say,” said Bolopion. “No one is proposing military action here, and that straw man should not be an excuse for inaction on a resolution condemning Syria’s abuses.

    Having made largely empty promises to reform, the Syrian government continues to ignore the April 29, 2011 resolution of the UN Human Rights Council urging an end to all human rights violations and calling for an assessment mission by the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

    “Rather than shirking responsibility by pointing to the work of the Human Rights Council, the Security Council should put its full weight behind their efforts to quell the violence, including by demanding access to Syria for the OHCHR mission,” said Bolopion. “President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has responded to gentle calls for reform with more killings and more brutality. The Security Council should make clear that this conduct is unacceptable.”


  2. CAIRO – Syrian security forces bombarded the restive northern town of Jisr al-Shoughour for a second day Saturday with tank and helicopter fire as people struggled to escape, residents said.


    Helicopters and tanks are bombing Jisr from all the sides and the situation is extremely miserable – they are even targeting cars carrying civilians and the wounded, said Mohamed al-Abdo, a refugee hiding in the hills above town. He said he could hear the boom of explosions and the sound of helicopters, even from miles away

    Residents of Jisr al-Shoughour who were reached by phone said that the eastern part of the town was too dangerous to enter because of heavy fire from military units stationed to the east, but that it remained possible – if dangerous – for people to come and go from the northern sections of town. Helicopters prowled the skies over the town, they said, opening fire on “anything that moves” within it.

    On Friday, they estimated that around 5,000 people remained in the town, of a population of more than 50,000.

    Fadi, a 27-year-old resident who gave only one name for fear of government retribution, was wounded when security forces in the village of al-Shtabrak fired on his car as he fled the town on Friday night. He returned to Jisr al-Shoughour on Saturday morning, to help ferry refugees to nearby mountains, including residents of a senior citizens’ center.

    “I saw many wounded but couldn’t help them because there are no ambulances,” he said by phone, adding that government forces were attacking the ambulances. He said he saw five dead bodies in the town and heard a “big explosion.”

    Assad must go

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