Don’t call it “The Big Orange Tumor”


Whatever you do don’t call DK4 The Big Orange Tumor. Are we clear?

cause It’s not a tumor, it’s li’l kos’s customized money pit. Ads blaze everywhere, on every page, even on the “community” members’ individual diaries. (note use of quotes = sarcasm here P8).

Long time contributors and their diaries have been relegated to the back of the bus, that is, taken off the FP. Why? because according to the BOT’s, Big Orange Tumor’s , surveys most readers never open those diaries, they merely peruse the front page. You see, kos only caters to what’s bringing in the cash – loyalty to “community” members (aka suckers) is non existent.

The tumor place is set up for maximum clicking to maximize lord fauntelroy’s ad revenues.

So eye repeat, whatever you do, don’t think of Daily Kos 4 as The Big Orange Tumor

Thank You.

cause it’s not The Big Orange Tumor, really, so don’t think of it as The Big Orange Tumor


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  1. kos’s new place is not The Big Orange Tumor!


  3. really smart AI supercomputers programmed specifically to echo PC approved talking points of the lame and famous.  Are these people real of just an extension of the myspace set.

  4. I don’t think anyone knows for sure…

    …how things will work out. I do know that the invention of diaries on political blogs that began at Daily Kos certainly produced results that were not anticipated – excellent results for the most part. Obviously, DK4 has some fantastic new tools that I am certain will facilitate organizing and make other politically valuable group actions easier and more productive. So I am hoping we will see good things come from this change of the Recent List. But, speaking only for myself, I will miss it in its current configuration immensely.

    Don’t tell me what you believe. Tell me what you do and I’ll tell you what you believe.

    by Meteor Blades on Tue Dec 21, 2010 at 10:08:27 PM PST

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    Let’s analyze this comment for a moment. What have the diaries on The BOT produced exactly? Excellent results? as Meateor Bladder asserts, or wasted energy better spent elsewhere, like in the Real World affecting real change? Seriously, other than one diary which saved an Indian Hospital what was actually affected? Oh I get it that The BOT, Big Orange Tumor , gets people thru their workday, or alleviates boredom at home, but Bladder’s asserting that diaries have produced excellent results. He’s deranged.

    I like the talk about “valuable group action” that the new design will supposedly engender. What a larf. A few broke assed bloggers are going to get together and force the mega trillion dollar empire to its knees. Ha! Maybe if all these left wing bloggers joined together in Washington, or in some other real world way, a dent could have been made in the fabric of government. As it is, bloggers have not made one iota of difference, and in fact have been corralled into the harmless pursuit of writing “diaires”. Excellent results? I think not.

    Bladder claims he will miss the recent list in its current form. Really? This bit of empathy he gives to that general consensus smells of good cop bad cop to me. Kos says good riddance to the recent diary list very curtly. Bladder shows he gets what the riff raff are saying. So he’s the toadie here, sent out by his master kos to placate the rabble rousers. It smells bad. But folks, diaries in the front or back or middle or sideways will not affect one iota of change in the real world.  

    And has anyone noticed how Meateor Bladder never leaves the Orange Tumor anymore, how he never checks in here any more. Ever wondered why that is? Could it be that by becoming Head Kos Kopper he has made many enemies? Could it be that under that veneer of elder statesman lies the heart of a sadist. Could it be that he knows he’d get jumped like he was walking thru a dark alley in CrimeTown USA or ViolenceVille America!

    That pussy.

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