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Johnny Cash and Louis Armstrong Singing About the Police

I found this last night on youtube, and it brought tears to my eyes.  And made me feel encouraged, kind of.  Here’s two of the greatest american musicians ever singing about being unfairly arrested by the police.  It was a Jimmy Rogers song from 1930. I know this isn’t much of a diary, but I just wanted to share it… it made me feel so good…

Inspiring Speech from Shamako Noble at the RNC Welcoming Committee Press Conference

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Hey kossacks.

This is my first diary for awhile.  I have to admit I’ve kind of given up on the kos.  Like is often said in these cases, it’s not you, it’s me.  [It was at this point I realized I should post this also here.]

Reason to Believe

Hello!  Here’s a song called Reason to Believe.  Thanks as always to anyone who listens!  I appreciate it so much.

New Song

Hi there… I’m playing a show tonight at the Yippie Cafe/Museum in NYC if anyone wants to come.  LOL!  Sorry for the last minute notice.

This song is called A Good Man

Don’t You Wanna Be Free

Hey there… this is a song I just wrote and if anyone wants to listen that’s cool.  I hope it’s not too presumptuous to post something like this.