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“You A Spade & I’m An O-Fay. We Got the Same Soul. Let’s Blow ”

Jack Teagarden and Louis Armstrong, “Ole Rocking Chair.”

At the end of the video (courtesy of YouTuber pinkieldred) these words appear … you hear a narrator reading, I believe, something Mr. Louis Armstrong wrote about the time he first met Mr. Jack Teagarden.

One day when I was playing on the riverboat, we put into New Orleans and standing on the levee was this tall white cat named Jack Teagarden who wanted to meet me.  He was from Texas and I never heard of him, but he said, “You a spade, and I’m an o-fay.  We got the same soul.  Let’s blow.”

The rest, as is said, would only be commentary.

Tuesday in America, almost autumn of 2009.  Beat in the USA.

Johnny Cash and Louis Armstrong Singing About the Police

I found this last night on youtube, and it brought tears to my eyes.  And made me feel encouraged, kind of.  Here’s two of the greatest american musicians ever singing about being unfairly arrested by the police.  It was a Jimmy Rogers song from 1930. I know this isn’t much of a diary, but I just wanted to share it… it made me feel so good…