The Big Fail

So Skinny goes down, 51 – 49. Murkowski, Collins, and surprisingly McCain.

Is it dead yet?

Because I am naturally cautious and have experienced too many Zombie Resurrections I’m not quite ready to declare Trumpcare staked, decapitated with a mouthful of garlic, pumped with a clip of silver bullets, dissolved in a vat of Holy Water, and shot into the surface of the Sun.

Though I certainly hope so.

Kill it with fire!

Though McConnell is doing the best he can, he didn’t change his vote and table it for reconsideration so it seems pretty damn dead (and by the way a mistake Reid never would have made).


  1. Vent Hole

    • on July 28, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Hi there,
    Not sure who’s here anymore, so here’s a blind shot. Does Pen post here anymore, or does (s)he have another blog or whatnot? I wanted to ask hir something about an old post of theirs. Any guidance appreciated.

    1. Not sure which Pen you mean. We had to transition to WordPress and commenting is way down, many former authors have moved on and unfortunately some have passed away.

      But TMC and I still write pretty much every day.

      Almost all the old content survived the transition so there’s minimal link rot. If you could give me a clue like a full screen name I could search our database for you (though I’m not sure my Admin tools are any better than the user ones). I could probably scare up an email address if I located them but we don’t release those directly and it might have changed so some negotiation of details would be necessary.

      But I’m willing to try.

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