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So the Tories have thier deal to maintain their tenuous hold on the British govenment. Two votes, 317 Conservatives plus 10 Democratic Unionists (don’t forget they’re anti-Brexit because of the Irish border) give them a bare majority (325 is a tie)

How did they get it? Good old fashioned bribery (like their U.S. counterparts MPs are surprisingly cheap, but also like our domestic brand it’s rare to find an honest one that will stay bought).

UK’s May makes deal she needs to govern, but critics abound
By Danica Kirka and Gregory Katz, Associated Press
June 26 , 12:58 PM

Theresa May struck a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party Monday that is designed to give her minority government enough support in Parliament to endorse her legislative agenda later this week.

The move, made necessary by her Conservative Party’s dismal performance in the June 8 election, came with a high cost: May’s government agreed to a massive injection of funds into Northern Ireland in exchange for Democratic Unionist support.

“After weeks of secret backroom negotiations, the Tories have now signed a grubby deal with the DUP,” Scottish National Party member Ian) Blackford said. “For years, the Tories have been cutting budgets and services, but suddenly they have found a magic money tree to help them stay in power.”

The package includes 1 billion pounds ($1.27 billion) of new funding and 500 million pounds ($638 million) of previously announced funds to help Northern Ireland develop its infrastructure, health services and schools.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the agreement suits May’s wish to stay in power but does little for the country.

“Where is the money for the Tory-DUP deal coming from?” the Labour leader asked. “And, will all parts of the U.K. receive the much-needed additional funding that Northern Ireland will get as part of the deal?”

It also provides 200 million pounds ($255 million) over two years to better Northern Ireland’s health service, 100 million pounds ($127 million) for immediate health needs and education. There will be 100 million pounds over five years for poverty programs and 50 million ($64 million) for mental health programs.

“The price of today’s DUP-Tory deal is DUP support for continued Tory austerity and cuts to public services,” (Sinn Fein president Gerry) Adams said. “It provides a blank check for a Tory Brexit which threatens the Good Friday Agreement (which ended the Northern Irish Civil War).”

And it won’t last. By softening her stance on Brexit May has already alienated the Teabagger Brexiteers of her own party who are pushing Boris Johnson for Captain of their sinking ship and all it takes is a single lost vote to force a new election.

Which May would lose in a landslide if it happened tomorrow. Since June 8th Jeremy Corbyn has soared in the polls as the constant negative Media lies and slander have slackened and more and more British start thinking about him as potential Prime Minister material. His “Trotskyite” Manifesto (it means platform, get over it you Red Baiters) is looking like the soul of moderation in comparison to the ravings of the Tories and it doesn’t hurt that in the aftermath of the Grenfell Fire (which killed at least 79 but the counting’s not done yet) May stood isolated by Police in the midst of the carnage while Corbyn visited with survivors and victim’s families (and in case you were wondering, 75 of 75 Housing Projects sampled were fire traps- in real numbers that’s 100%, all directly attributable to Tory/Neo Liberal Austerity Policies).

Heck, Corbyn was the headliner at the Glastonbury music festival which is roughly equivalent to Bernie Sanders (and I hate Sanders comparisons because Jeremy makes Sanders look like a Republican) appearing with Springsteen, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga at Giants’ Stadium and having the billboard read-

One Night! Live!


and assorted musical guests

So if you have a thought to spare for the people who brought you King George the Third and the Intolerable Acts, and Impressment and the Burning of Washington D.C. (not to mention having the insufferable gall to plant that much nicer and cleaner country with the good Health Care and beer, Canada, right next to us) I suggest you wish for new elections… soon.


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