The Dumpster Fire

Look, you can’t claim I’m a Trump fan simply because every post doesn’t end with Donald delanda est. Republicans are misogynist bigoted racists and jackbooted authoritarians who celebrate inequality and are content to lick the scraps off their Plutocrat patron’s plates. They have no dignity, self awareness, or pride beyond taking violent umbrage should any more empathetic soul dare not to share their amusement at bullying the weak, tearing the wings off files, and shoving lit M-80s up stray dogs’ butts.

They are horrible human beings who sometimes make me wish I had any faith at all in divine justice.

They have a whole political party devoted to emotionally supporting their barbaric world view and I don’t feel at all guilty reminding people that one of those is quite enough.

So to me commenting on Republican failure is boring. It’s a Dumpster Fire and Trump is only the current flame. If it were Pence or Ryan it would be just the same, a giant stinky cloud boiling out of a tub of Chinese manufactured steel.


  1. Vent Hole

    • polm on May 2, 2017 at 12:51 am

    Ugh!! Horrible to think about!

    1. There is a well known confluence of Republicans and Animal Abuse. It’s also a trait associated with psychopaths and serial killers.

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