March Madness: 2017 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Final

6:00 ESPN South Carolina-Mississippi State

Well, I must say the urgency has gone out of it. Today we are celebrating a Birthday (not mine) and a friend and I are headed out to Dinner and a Movie. I’ll be back whenever.

A UConn loss is rare and memorable because they have an excellent program and the women are dedicated and tough. This year’s team was a little thin and performed beyond expectations, next year’s squad looks to be even better. There will come a time when many teams are able to compete at UConn’s level, they are the future of Women’s Collegiate Basketball, and it will be a good day for the sport.

Even so it takes a great team to beat them and I warned you right along that Mississippi State scared me, this is why they are my pick to win tonight.


    • BobbyK on April 2, 2017 at 20:14

    Huh. 55-67 South Carolina.
    We’ll there you go.

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