Sausage Grinder of Snark (French Toast Day)

So another snow apocalypse is coming. This one is sort of unusual because Stars Hollow was in the mid 60s today. It starts with freezing rain at midnight and progresses to 8″ – 12″ by late afternoon with periods of up to 2″ per hour, all of it wet and heavy.

Then comes the bone chilling cold.

In last night’s story meeting we talked about the weather (it kind of helps distract you when you’re spitting mad) and TMC said, “It’s going to be a French Toast Day.” I was like, so you’re going to make French Toast (which she does excellently by the way) and the answer was- duh, Bread, Eggs, and Milk are going to vanish from the stores which will be packed.

Well I know that of course, I’ve worked in a Gas Station Convienience Store and have spent my fair share of time explaining to irate customers that we’re out of milk (yes, in the back too) and we don’t carry eggs or bread ever. I only get pissed at the real jerks who don’t believe me, I just pity the rest of them, but I’ll have to be here tomorrow no matter how crappy it is and we won’t have any milk then either because they only deliver every other day and we never have bread and eggs ever.


Wednesdays are a busy day for me anyway and 2 extra store hours in massive crowds looking for stuff I know I won’t find while the clock was ticking on my deadlines has not improved my disposition. I’ll feel much better tomorrow when it actually snows and I can’t do anything but write and make progress on my other agendas provided the power and internet don’t fail (always a possibility) in which case I’ll light a candle and take a nap (always on the agenda).

Sam Bee will start at 10:30 on TBS, I have found last week’s video but we’ll start with The Daily Show which finally had a good bit (Trevor played the straight man).

Daily Show: You’ve been Conwayed 2/7/17

Stephen had John, all I can find-

Believe me, this makes perfect sense.

So it’s just like Stars Hollow, Stars Hollow North Lake, and Stars Hollow By The Sea.

Samantha Bee: Full Frontal 2/1/17

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