Not The News They Want To Hear

As elections approach in Germany, France, and Italy (the 3 largest economies in the European Union if you take out Britain, which you should because of Brexit) parties of the Neo Liberal Center, Left and Right, seem destined to suffer electoral defeat at the hands of Populist Parties of the Right and Left.

I’ll not pretend I don’t think this is a good thing, though I am a Leftist and favor egalitarian over fascist solutions. The truth is that the Neo Liberal Consensus has a 40 year record of failure and now, bankrupt and bereft of ideas, stands poised at the precipice of the ash heap of History over which they shall presently vanish and deservedly so.

What these status quo monsters of greed, complacency, and privilege don’t want is yet another crisis to expose their incompetence, yet Greece continues to fester under the Austerity policies, which clearly do not work (you can not starve yourself to growth). So much so that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) who’s actual economists (as opposed to rattle shaking Shamen poseurs) have been predicting this outcome for years is incredibly reluctant to throw good money after bad, not out of a lack of compassion, but in the face of demonstrated negative results.

While the IMF might be brought to heel it’s unlikely the Populist sentiments of the electorate will. In any event The Powers That Be aren’t happy to have the issue of Grexit staring them in the face again, highlighting their fecklessness.

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table?

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