2016 Senior League Division Series: Game 1, Dodgers @ Nationals

The Brooklyn Traitors vs. the Division Rivals. Who do I hate the least?

Sigh. I guess it’s the Nationals (95 – 67) because my cousins from D.C. like them a lot and and my hatered for the Quislings of Chaves Ravine is deep and undiminished by time.

Despite a weaker Regular Season record, the Dodgers (91 – 71) took 5 of 6 against the Nationals. Stras berg will once again sit (flexor mass strain, whatever that is).

The.Dodgers will be starting Clayton Kershaw (L, 12 – 4, 1.69 ERA) who is just phenomenal. He spent July and August out with injuries but has made 5 appearances since then. Max Scherzer (R, 20 – 7, 2.96 ERA) has an impressive Regular Season record and an ERA that would be impressive against anyone but Kershaw. If the game goes as expected it will be a pitching duel into the late innings.

I’ll point out that today is my travel day and I’ll be on the road until the 9 pm game between the Giants and Cubs.


  1. good job ek! I’m not sure there’s anything else that will unite L.A. fans and S.F. fans, but we do both agree that you sour grapes new yorkers should give up holding a grudge after almost sixty years.

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