2016 Junior League Division Series: Game 2, Red Sox @ Indians

Ok, now I can make reassuring noises for Red Sox (93 – 70) fans. Even though Divisional Series are short, it’s not “Sudden Death”. The Red Sox played the Indians (95 – 67) tough, it was a 1 Run game and the Indians had Home Field advantage. What did you expect?

It’s not the crowd so much (plenty of Red Sox fans in the stands last night) as it is Batting last. This allows the players and Manager to come up with ways to answer any scoring imbalance unless it’s a blowout like Blue Jays / Rangers was yesterday.

If the Red Sox can contrive to gete a win today they’ll return to Fenway even in the Series and Home field advantage swings to them. They’ll also have proven they can win away so even if they don’t close it out under the aegis of the Great God Citgo (told you I lived in Kenmore Square) they’ll head back to the Land of Cleves with a just slightly less than even chance.

Or they could go the full 2015 Blue Jay, but I don’t think that’s ideal.

Yesterday’s Game

Top 1st- Leadoff Double. Single, Runners at Corners. RBI Double. Red Sox 1 – 0.

Bottom 2nd- Leadoff Double. RBI Single. Tied at 1.

Top 3rd- Solo Shot. Red Sox 2 – 1.

Bottom 3rd- Solo Shot. Tied at 2. Solo Shot. Indians 3 – 2. Solo Shot. Indians 4 – 2.

Top 5th- Solo Shot. Indians 4 – 3.

Bottom 5th- Single. Sacrifice. RBI Single. Indians 5 – 3.

Top 8th- Solo Shot. Indians 5 – 4 Final.

Indians lead Series 1 – 0

Today the Indians will send Corey Kluber (R, 18 – 9, 3.14 ERA) to the hill opposing David Price (L, 17 – 9, 3.99 ERA). The Red Sox have a distinct advantage in Relief Pitching as the Indians used everyone yesterday and used them hard. Kluber is coming off a 10 day groin injury. Given yesterday’s Home Run Derby it would be wise not to panic too early, but both tems need to do a better job of putting players on base.