The Daily Late Nightly Show (Land of Cleves Day 1)

It’s Special Programming. No not mine, I’m in a funk that is alleviated only by massive doses of ‘Tween Comedies, Cartoons, and Sci-Fi.

Stephen, Jon and Trevor are live. Who knows what Sam and Larry are planning?


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. Platform from Sam

  3. Pence

  4. More Pence

  5. Slytherin Anti-Hillary

  6. Hey! A special on Wednesday!

  7. Open Carry

  8. Sam on scene

  9. Crack Head Sam Bee up a little in $10 Hollow

  10. The Mistake By The Lake

  11. More about Wednesday after the break

  12. We race

  13. How the Fuck did we get here?

  14. Bleh, Pretty much nothing but a clip show for Trevor.

  15. No Larry, Not Safe instead

  16. Stephen has Show tunes

  17. I though he was going to be in Cleveland

  18. The Donald!

  19. The problem is Stephen is sooo much better than the RNC (in this context meaning Committee).

  20. Trump ‘n Pence

  21. Jon Stewart

  22. So I can do a Spit Take

  23. Captain America Shield

  24. LotR Sword

  25. Did you miss me?

  26. The WØRD!

  27. I adore you…

    …but I need the Other Guy.

  28. The Hungry for Power Games

  29. Oh Chuckles

  30. Sam Waterson

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