O Brexit Tree, O Brexit Tree

I come to you tonight with mixed emotions and a confused forecast.

Brexit is really a much bigger deal than you get even from careful reading of non-United States english language newspapers, let alone the airheaded gasbags on cable TV. I’ve been waiting all day for early indicators of the results.

It’s difficult to predict from minimal returns so far (64 of 382 districts reporting) since British polls have been wildly off target recently and the voter models for such an unprecedented referendum are speculative at best. What can be confidently stated is that Leave is doing much, much better than expected even a month ago and Jo Cox’s death (pro-Remain Labour MP assassinated recently in what is widely believed to be politically motivated attack) doesn’t appear to have effected the outcome except marginally.

I don’t think anyone knows what the result of an actual Leave majority means. Germany and the Neolibs in Brussels predict dire consequences. Britain could leave the European Union or maybe Parliament will ignore the vote. David Cameron and George Osborn will resign in disgrace or they won’t (and they’re both horrible people who should be given the boot for any number of reasons none of which include their incompetent botching of this election that should have been a cake walk).

Your guess is as good as mine.

I’ll tell you what has lost today. In 1914 there was a sublime fatuous overconfidence and belief in progress that permeated the upper classes like a haze of opium and hashish.

And then 17 Million died on Flanders fields.

From D.C. to London to Paris to Berlin the gibbering idiots who fancy they got their phoney baloney jobs because of their particular and unique merit and fabulous and highly trained expertise instead of a mix of nepotism and luck just got their balls kicked.

I have to say I find that satisfactory.


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  2. Wow.

    Brexit wins 52 – 48.

    Just wow.

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