Another Example That We Are Living In The End Times

So you know about deep fried butter right? Provided you happen to have a fry-o-lator it’s not really a complicated recipe. Take a stick of butter and put it on a skewer of some sort, freeze it so it’s rock hard. When you’re ready to eat, dip it in batter and dunk it in your 375 degree oil until the batter is golden brown and crunchy, not very long at all.

What does it taste like? Well…, deep fried butter duh if you like that sort of thing. I kind of got over crap food when I left school though I have relapses. Ate at an A&W Root Beer place for the first time in decades recently and it’s exactly the same as I remember. There’s nothing special about it really except the mugs which because they’re thick and frosty create this crunchy crust of ice.

But what’s interesting about deep fried butter is the magnitude of conceit it takes for someone to think taking a lump of fat, shoving a pole up it’s butt, and dipping it in more fat is a good idea.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Snickers and bananas and pickles, there’s not a damn thing that that doesn’t taste better if you poke a piece of wood in it and deep fry, even an old leather boot, but I do think it bespeaks a marginally horrific disregard for, you know, actual food.

Friends, I though I had heard it all but behold- Mac n’ Cheetos.

Burger King’s latest fast food monstrosity is sadly genius
By Rachel Premack, Washington Post
June 23 at 12:13 PM

Starting this coming Monday, the burger fast food chain will offer Mac n’ Cheetos in Southern California locations. Think mozzarella sticks, except full of gooey mac ‘n’ cheese and crust that is Cheetos powder rather than bread crumbs.

The Mac n’ Cheetos has all the trappings of a fast-food mash-up sensation, said Bonnie Riggs, NPD Group restaurant analyst. It combines an ultra-trendy food item with a brand that has massive recognition.

“I think it’s really unique,” Riggs said. “It’s something that will appeal to their core audience of millennials and Gen Z customers.”

Mac n’ Cheetos may seem like an out-there idea for a country that often claims to be watching what it eats. But what Americans say they want often doesn’t quite match up with what they purchase, said Elizabeth Friend, consumer foodservice strategy analyst at Euromonitor.

“When we are so focused on trying to make healthy decisions all the time and eating food that we can feel good about, when we do want to indulge, we want to make sure that that indulgence is worth it,” Friend said.

Combining a well-loved brand with a popular product, like mac ‘n’ cheese, generates a lot of interest. “I look at that and I think, ‘I love cheese and I love Cheetos, I love mac ‘n’ cheese, so I might give a shot,” Riggs said.

But for a long-term homerun, it’s also important to ensure that the item is, well, actually good.

“It does actually have to be good,” Friend said. “You can get people talking about it, which is great, but it has to deliver on the quality side.”

Surprisingly enough it’s only 310 calories a serving, less than a regular old Whopper.


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