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So Nate and I go waaay back though we were never particular friends, I doubt he remembers me at all and if he does it’s probably with that peculiar mixture of disdain and loathing that my special brand of obnoxiousness seemed to elicit from denizens of the GOS when it dawned on their dim conciousness that I was insulting them in a manner they could barely comprehend let alone react to with anything but indignant sputtering.

I on the other hand watched with some interest as he attempted to convince people that his brand of Sabermetrics had any application to politics because as a general rule they’re willfully ignorant as well as incredibly conservative and resistant to change.

Now of course everybody does it.

He has a bad track record this election cycle, well not bad as much as no better than anyone else. I attribute this to the fact that the more successful he’s gotten as an analyst the more he has bought into the conventional Neoliberal D.C. consensus. They really are unselfaware of the depth and breadth of their policy failure and completely clueless about any alternatives. They are also richly rewarded by the current dysfunctional system and have no incentive to modify it. Finally they don’t understand how thoroughly hated and despised they are.

Folks, it’s Paris 1789 and if you don’t understand that you’re likely to meet an uncomfortable end after a brief tumbrel ride through a rain of feces.

Mr. Continuity

Chinese Bananas

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Mr. Mainstream


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May is National Masturbation Month.


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