The Daily Late Nightly Show (Completely Useless Programs)

The New Guy

Jordan Klepper

The Most Useless Program Ever Created

Sure, I’ve coded randomizers. Mine accept strings like “4+4d4” (total of 4 4 sided dice with 4 added to each die, range 20 to 32, average result 26) and “4d4+4” (total of 4 4 sided dice with 4 added to the result, range 8 to 20, average result 14).

Of course it accepts odd numbers that don’t map to Platonic Solids too, like 7 or 17, and re-seeds the psuedo-random number generator with each die thrown. Not really random at all in the strictest mathematical sense, but it passes most tests and is close enough for gaming.

Trevor’s guests this Week are-

King Bach is the most followed person on Vine, another completely useless program. He’ll probably want to talk about his role in Fifty Shades of Black.

Mr. Continuity

Panama Red


Larry’s panelists this Week are-

Mr. Mainstream

A week of repeats. Again. A week of repeats. Again.


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