Junior League Division Series: Rangers @ Blue Jays Game 1

First some Meta.  Today we have two games, tomorrow, Friday, and potentially also Monday we will have four.  This is a lot of Baseball to cover and while we will put up Open Threads it will probably not be possible to live blog all the action.  Also TMC and I will be in meetings all weekend related to the impending transition of our sites to WordPress.  In addition to that next weekend I have an out of state business appointment and it’s my understanding TMC does too.  It’s a very busy time and we’re doing the best we can.

Secondly, more Meta.  Major League Baseball, with the same genius instinct that led to the abomination that is the Designated Hitter, is showing some games on fairly obscure cable networks that many people do not subscribe to.

Today’s games are all on Fox Sports 1.  I may get that, I’d have to check.  Tomorrow’s 12:30 game between the Rangers and Blue Jays will be on MLB’s own network as will Sunday’s 4 pm game between the Royals and Astros.  Pretty sure I don’t get that.

If I can’t watch it I can’t live blog it so there will probably be some gaps due to that.  Also (see above) I will be out of state at least the 15th through the 17th and I have no clue what channels I’ll be able to get there, possibly not even TBS.

Now onto today’s first game.

The Blue Jays (93 – 89) are about the best team in baseball that isn’t playing in the Senior League.  Among their achievments they outscored opponents by 221 runs (that includes losses).  The Rangers (88 – 74) on the other hand are still somewhat scarred from their memorable 2 game fold against the Cardinals in 2011.

David Price (L, 18 – 5, 2.45 ERA) will be starting for the Blue Jays and Yovani Gallardo (R, 13 – 11, 3.42 ERA) will take the hill for the Rangers.

My prediction?  Jays in 4 (remember it’s a 5 game series and first team to 3 moves on).

Game time is 3:30 on Fox Sports 1.


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