Accounting Was Never So Much Fun Since Charles Bronson Played A Serial Killer

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Why Client No. 9 Can Seek Office No. 3

I think I speak for a lot of New Yorkers when I ask this question: Is Eliot Spitzer the best we can do?

Seriously, we can’t find another candidate who hasn’t shamed public office with what he admits was “horrendous” behavior in which he “lied?”

It’s not that Mr. Spitzer isn’t gifted. His work as New York attorney general from 1999 to 2006 was one of the most dynamic in the history of the job. He took on Wall Street’s questionable dealings, was a true maverick and thumbed his nose at Washington regulators who had become inured to Wall Street practices.

When the public interest aligns with Mr. Spitzer’s political ambition, the results can be spectacular.

But does Mr. Spitzer, who earned the nickname “Client No. 9” in a humiliating prostitution scandal, deserve a second political life?

Why would anyone ask such a question since Bill Clinton made a sex scandal a badge of honor?

Consider Mr. Stringer. On the one hand, he has been a relatively faithful city politician. He championed the Second Avenue subway, bike lanes and women’s rights. He took a controversial stand against hydraulic fracking. His scandals have been garden variety: use of taxpayer funds for travel and the like.

But Mr. Stringer doesn’t produce much in the way of headlines. Many New Yorkers probably don’t know who he is.


This New Yorker is looking forward to hearing more about gardening.

many may be tempted to vote for Kristin Davis, the Wall Street madam who is running and was accused of supplying Mr. Spitzer with his trysts.…

When my sister and her husband owned a motel [no, not at all the kind of motel rented by the hour], I was more than a little fascinated to learn the aging spinster-looking lady talking business with my sister was the local madam.

Not since Charles Bronson played a serial killer accountant has there even been remotely such fun in accounting.

Best,  Terry


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  1. My sister owned the Canyon River Motel in Oroville, CA, where I worked summers on construction of a dam on the Feather River.

    Mary told me “spinster,” who owned the Feather River Inn, got a letter for me misaddressed to the Feather River Motel from my stepmother.

    I picked up the letter at the bar – and became instantly famous on the construction crew for days.

    The Feather River Inn did rent rooms by the hour.  “Hey, is that the guy who picks up his mail at…?”

    Fame is so fleeting.  I might have been elected Governor of California if Bill Clinton hadn’t been so late.

    Best,  Terry

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