Chronic Tonic: Creeeeeeck! Snaaap! Wait – Is That My F-n Joint?

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As anyone with chronic health problems knows, issues can and will rear their unruly heads from time to time. Another thing those of us blessed with crapititus in the health department know, is that folks with chronic conditions are more susceptible to other health issues, as if one or two is just not enough. Bwahahahaha!

And so it is with me, down here on the bayou with my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. The one nice thing I can say about the bayou in the summer is that the damp heat is easy on the joints… 😀

Well, my osteoarthritis kicked in at a very early age. Most people get it eventually, but they tend to get it when they are over 70, when the joints start not liking to work in the first place. Me, nope, I’m doing everything early; my osteoarthritis kicked in during my late 30s – yay me! Not! It first manifested in my foot joint – that one in the middle that controls the flexibility of the feet. The telltale sign for my foot was I started having a lot of pain when walking. And please believe me when I say that the pain was excruciating. It made even simple tasks like walking so much harder. I never thought that it would be this painful. That’s when my friend told me about a company called Every Day Optimal cbd, who offer different capsules and pills that can help to relieve some of this pain. I was definitely considering this, but by the time he told me about it, I had already made an appointment with my doctor. It’s good to know that there are things that you can try to help with your pain though, and I would surely consider CBD or hemp drinks if I experience anything like this again. Now I did have a bone spur on the outside of my right big toe, so that’s why I thought I was having pain, but the x-ray and then MRI confirmed that my cartilage was slowly disintegrating. So they ended up scraping the damaged cartilage out and putting 2 titanium screws in my right foot.

Now this did come with good news and bad news: The good news – apparently I was born with slightly deformed feet that made my feet more flexible (aha! A superpower!). This was good news cuz that meant that even with the screws, my feet would retain the flexibility of a regular person (so I lost my right foot’s special powers…). The bad news – well osteo is degenerative, and it tends attack certain joints – the neck, lower back, hands, hips, knees, and feet – so I am at greater risk for having this happen earlier than most folks to those other places as well. Whoopdeedoodledeedee!

Of course, now – 5 years later – I just started having similar pain in my left foot. Lots to look forward to for me. Yippee-ki-yay you know what…

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