Michigan/Arizona Primary Open Thread

I don’t expect you to care about the Insane Clown Posse any more than I do, but I was born in Michigan so I suppose I should say something about it.

On the Yuper side my Grands had one of the very first cable companies since reception was extremely bad.  On the Troll side my Greats were early investors in GM and Smuckers and basically cut off my Grandad because he married a poor crippled girl.

We visited Troll side most often and it’s flat.  The big ski hill is a mountain of garbage and you can see the weather coming for miles and miles.  Gran knew Mike Moore and didn’t like him, thought he was a smart ass.

One thing a lot of people don’t internalize is that Michigan has a large population of Dutch Reformed Calvinists of the George C. Scott Hardcore type which explains their swing state status.  I’ve been to Grand Rapids and I found most of the people to be pleasant enough, but we didn’t talk politics.

Arizona has more Mormons than you think (like Nevada).

Whatever happens I’m pretty sure we can count on continued hilarity.


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  1. rid of the DLC Third Way New Dem yuppie sell out scum, AND, the craven diaper pissers who’ve let the lying yuppie scum be in charge.

    I want Romney to win so that all these phake ass Democrats can lose – congress will ONLY be more nuts, no matter what happens – so lets let it get as nuts as possible so that fighting Dems can have a chance –

    out here in the Pacified Northwest, Great State of Wishy Warshy, the sell outs and the diaper pisses got a lock on the pipeline and on the bench.

    we need a shake up & shake out AND

    we need people aren’t gonna spend 2 or 3 decades repeating right wing fucking lies – unlike the current crop of Warshington pathetics.


  2. What a surprise.

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