Oye como va mi ritmo

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I’m a total sucker for chords and bass notes

Picking off pieces of the chord.  Just listening to the bass

On Stevie Wonder’s “I wish” makes me wanna dig for gophers, and make future love tonight!  That’s right, that’s right!

You might as well

Just toss a lure into the waters and watch my gills

Vibrate with solemnity.  D7/F#.  Descending notes, C/Bb.  Oh, and Elton’s G#dim7 puts me on my knees on Bennie and the Jets.  

When you throw in the combos

you might as well just stick me in a barrel and start shooting with a large gauged gun

If Desperado is not one of the greatest pop songs of all time,

And we’re talking lyrics and chords and bass, and yep, I’m including The Squeeze as generally great song- writers and Linda Ronstadt’s specific version,

Then I am a snuffleapplegaus. You better let somebody love you (G, B7/F#, Em),

Let somebody love you (C, G/B, Am), Let somebody love you (G/D, B7/D#, Em), before it’s too late (Am7/D), prior to collapsing into sevenths and sixths.  Good lord.  And Get a mother fucking job.  That is some sweet-assed, trance-inducing song-writing.

I read the news today, oh boy.


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  1. even tho” he and I probably don’t see eye to eye these days.  Actually, I’m sure we have more in common than anyone can imagine, and that scares the shit out of the powers that be.

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