We’re back.

You may have noticed a brief interruption.

Soapblox is undergoing software upgrades that will hopefully result in more reliable and faster service for you.  You shouldn’t notice many changes in the operation of the site, though there are a few improvements that may be used in the future to enhance your reading experience.

TheMomCat and I look on ourselves as stewards and so we place a lot of emphasis on continuity.  As one of the founders I assure you that our editorial direction has not changed a bit since buhdydharma’s initial public launch on September 12th, 2007.

We are interested in providing a platform for you to be able to express yourself and get exposure for your thoughts.  Your posts are not just welcomed but encouraged.

If submissions justify it DocuDharma can run much closer to it’s maximum capacity.  Currently we feature about 8 – 9 new posts a day, but there’s no technical reason we could not accommodate 12 – 18 with ease while still providing each author an hour of top priority.

As readers I urge you to scroll to features you may have missed since your last visit.  There are about 2 and a half days of posts on the Front Page at any given time.  Also you have the ‘Recent Essays’ list that contains about 4 days of content (if you are a registered user and have set your preferences to 50) some of which is not featured.  There is also the Essays button.

We hope you are enjoying DocuDharma just as much as you always did and are open to your suggestions.

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