Supposedly Liberal

Crossposted from The Stars Hollow Gazette

I’m rooting for the guy you don’t see in the Tigers cap (not the one with the mustache in the Ferrari).


  1. I don’t buy the official 911 story which thusly means I don’t buy into such things as the mythical al-queda or any other rural poppy growing Islamic warlords seemingly have global intelligence networks based upon stolen cell phones.

    I did not get my mandatory unicorn flu shot and even in the mandatory health insurance state of Marxachussets I right now CAN NOT sign up for said mandatorially mandated health insurance due to corporate fascist pre crime policies.  My kids unemployment ran out, the psycho mother in law destroyed the Apocalyptic Ranch, the company I work at now endorses the Minions of Satan business management scheme and  personal home geiger counters are on a four month backorder.

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