Why the Teabaggers Rage

Mark di Suvero - Sunflowers for Vincent
Mark di Suvero – Sunflowers for Vincent


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    • TMC on May 22, 2011 at 17:41

    Subsidized by the National Endowment for the Arts or a state funded?

    The problem with Tea baggers’ rage is that it is misplaced and rages against their own best interests. They are just now realizing that they have been betrayed by their corporate masters with the lies they were told about health care reform and protecting Medicare and Social Security.

    I live in the heart of a tea bag party district. The two town halls that the house rep held were contentious. Now the right wing tactic is to not allow cameras or recording devises into public meetings and limit the media to only the Fox news types.

    The GOP is now advising elected officials and candidates not to appear on the so-called “left wing” news and analysis programs. Neither party is being “transparent” but the right wing is just ALEC and a hand full of billionaires calling the shots.

  1. I ask about the astroturfed Palin Tea bagger movement vs the Boston harbor 911 truth movement original, if you can excuse my personal perceptions of the Alice in Wonderland lamestream media projections of recent history.  I have to wonder if the rural home school set agrees with frisking Johnny and Jane at prom night and if so why.


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