moving hurricanes–I need advice

I need help and advice.  I am more than 50% certain that I can affect the intensity and direction of hurricanes.  I believe I have done so, multiple times over a period of three years.  And possibly saved thousands of lives.

This is the problem:  I do acknowledge that there can be extremely dangerous consequences to “messing with Mother Nature”, and I’m worried that I’ll make a disastrous mistake somewhere along the line.  I do have a college degree (computer related), but I’m not a meteorologist.  My family knows what I can do–since I’ve documented it, told them what I was going to try to do in advance, then shown them the results–and they’ve convinced me I shouldn’t continue doing this without expert guidance.  (Or, possibly, supervision;-)

This is the evolution of this possible skill:

1973 … chronic/continuous headache starts, zero answers from doctors except to get me addicted to tranquilizers and send me to a psychiatrist–who sent me away after a few sessions telling me my headache wasn’t psychosomatic and I didn’t need him.  

I flushed the tranqs and took biofeedback lessions from a psychologist.

I learned self-hypnosis, which I’ve been practicing off and on for 35 years now.

I undertook intensive and continuing research into self-healing methods.

All of which demonstrated to me that the mind can, indeed, influence matter.

Then Hurricane Katrina happened and I was as horrified and appalled as everyone.

After which, by chance I came across an article on someone who claimed they could “bust”/disperse clouds.  Curious, I tried it, and, to my complete astonishment, succeeded.  I can disperse any small cloud I can keep in line-of-sight 100% percent of the time, usually in less than two minutes.  It expanded my understanding of possiblities.

Then hurricane season started again and it occurred to me that if I can affect clouds, why not hurricanes?  It’s just a matter of scale, no?  And I had nothing to lose if I failed but a little dignity.  If I could save lives, shouldn’t I?  Of course, hurricanes would not be in my line-of-sight, so just staring at them with intention would not be sufficient.  I needed other tools.

I turned to NOAA and Wunderground.  My first few efforts at affecting hurricanes were of limited success, they had less intensity than predicted and/or moved off track only slightly.  I worked on different mental methods.  I improved with each hurricane.  I turned one typhoon away from an already flood-ravaged Philippines, and, ironically, it curved north, then back to the east, and ended up dumping some much-needed rain on my region of California.  My last effort, Hurricane Tomas, 2010, was predicted to hit quake-ravaged Haiti head on as a Cat 3.  Panic.  Evacuations.  Instead, Tomas passed through the strait between Cuba and Haiti as a Cat 1/tropical storm and caused only 26 deaths.  (The previous hurricane remnant to hit Haiti as a tropical storm caused over 3,000 deaths.)  As NOAA explained Tomas afterward, there was unexpectedly stong wind shear.  They always have great technical explanations after the fact.  I enjoy reading them.  I must be driving them nuts, though, and I am sorry about that.  I expect I don’t fit into their worldview.  Still, they posted that the 2010 hurricane caused far less loss of life and damage than it should have, given the number and intitial intensity of the hurricanes.

While that makes me very happy (whether I did it or not), it also worries me.  Should I be doing this?  If it is my doing, I may be causing down-the-road consequences that I don’t have the knowledge to forsee.  Complex systems are just that–complex.  

Which is why I’m soliciting advice.  I’m at my wit’s end.  Do any of you know anyone (preferably expert) I can talk to/work with/contact about this who won’t just write me off as a delusional nutcase–I may be, but I may not be, too.  A researcher would be alright, if they’re willing to strictly preserve my anonymity.  I do NOT want money or any attention whatsoever.  What I really need to know is: what is relatively safe to do to save lives without causing unnecessary harm?

Thank you.


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  1. I need to re-review this, OHC!

    In the meantime, are you are aware of HAARP?  Or is that a dumb question?

  2. seems quite plausible that not only are we “part” of it,

    but that we also may be “connected” to it, kind of like

    being “tuned in”. Thus, the “storm” could be signaling you of its course (reaching you intuitively) rather than you affecting the storm volitionally. On the other hand, it really doesn’t matter whether you are affecting the storm or are just getting information. The fact that you are “in touch” is “mind-body” fulfilling in itself. I suspect that indigenous peoples often experienced “this”. And your desire to help reflects survival instinct for the species.

    Western people are trapped in an Aristotleian/Cartesian dead end, where intuition, insight, serendipity, synchronicity etc.are not permitted to influence events, as that dimisnishes the belief in “One Transcendent Logos” that is the cornerstone of our intellectual/psychological mindset i.e. man as the measure of things

  3. …Check this by a friend here in Berkeley who is a Geo-scientist.  She worked for years at UC Lawrence Laboratories, both Berkeley and Livermore, until she discovered and became a whistleblower about radiactive leaks into the ground water around the Livermore labs.

    My embeds have not been working lately, so I’ll give you the link here

    It’s long (almost 2 hours), but well worth it if you are interested in HAARP.  She has studied HAARP a lot.  

  4. …I do believe these things are possible.  I cannot deny them.  I just feel these are the cutting edges of evolution.

    I will forward your post to my friend.  I don’t know if she will respond, but I’ll send it on.

    In the meantime I send you best wishes to be strong, not afraid.  You may not have the answers of what these abilities mean just now, yet.  So do not rush.  And do not be afraid.  Trust that knowldege of what to do will come when it is the right time.  

    Thank you very much for sharing this and for asking.

  5. Please keep us informed, as well. Also, more ideas may be forthcoming — you never know.  Sometimes, things do get mulled over and then some avenues to occur to them.

  6. I think it’s possible for people to move hurricanes.  And I think there are literally thousands of people who agree that this can be done.  And, far more important, are constantly trying to do so.

    Please looik at this November, 2010 post.  The important part is at the end:

    So I decided to call for help from my friends in the Shamanic Community across the world. I’ve sent emails (yes, you can send emails to Shamans), I’ve posted on Facebook (yes, Shamans are on fb), and I’ve talked with Shaman friends (you don’t need Quetzel feathers and a bone through your nose to be a Shaman, btw). Consider, if you’ve read this far, that this is your personal invitation to help, also. At 11:30 am ET today, I will conduct a small ceremony, and I will ask Pachamama, Santa Madre Tierra, Mother Earth please to turn Hurricane Tomas away from Haiti, and if she must put Hurricane Tomas’s landfall in or near Haiti, I will ask Pachamama please to be compassionate and merciful, please to protect the lives of all of those in Haiti, to recognize that they have been devastated already, and are in serious danger. I know already that others on three continents will do ceremonies at the same time. The more, the better. And, of course, there’s no prescribed liturgy: each of us will do what we can, each of us will do what feels like the right thing to do in that moment.

    In my email I described my plan:

    Hurricane Tomas is about to run over Haiti. What do we know about Haiti’s current situation? Well, it’s dire. The Earthquake destroyed the infrastructure. Many thousands of people are homeless or in shelters that don’t really provide shelter or in badly damaged, unreliable housing. There’s a cholera outbreak. And now, Hurricane Tomas is coming. If it arrives with any intensity at all, and it appears that it will, it will create even more havoc: loss of life, loss of shelter, loss of food, loss of drinking water. Medicine will be even more scarce, and even more people will need it. The cholera will expand. There will be flooding. Unsanitary conditions will abound. Because of extensive deforestation, there will be mudslides. Roads that are barely repaired from the earthquake will again be impassable. Hospitals will again be overwhelmed and unable to care for the injured and ill.

    So what I propose is that we all have ceremonias tomorrow (November 2, 2010) at 11:30 am ET. And that we forward this email to all of our fellow Shamans who might be interested, and that we ask them please to make offerings and do ceremonias at the same time, that we ask for their prayers and offerings. Together we need to move the hurricane to the West so that the most vulnerable people in Haiti will not be harmed. And we need to ask the hurricane, if it must come ashore in Haiti, to be compassionate, merciful, to spare the most vulnerable, to be as gentle as possible.

    … I believe that Pachamama responds to these ceremonias, that she guides these storms on their courses, and that when we honor and acknowledge our inner Hurricanes and destructive storms, as Pachamama wants, she in turn is happy to spare others from an actual, fierce Hurricane. …

    I will make a fire at 11:30 am tomorrow. If one of you is in the area, please join me.

    I think that Pachamama (The Earth, if you insist) responds to energy, and that when what we ask is in the highest interest of all beings for many generations, she is particularly receptive to our prayers/ energy/ thoughs/ call-it-what-you-will.

    So, OHC, you’re not alone.  And you didn’t do these things yourself.  You’re just part of a large (but reticent) group of people.

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