600,000 Afghan Children on the Street

Two girls share a pomegranate in Kabul

At least 600,000 children live on the streets of Afghanistan.



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  1. We have done this in Iraq, we’re doing it in Afghanistan!  We are decimating a society — a society that did NOTHING to us!  And our muscles continue to extend themselves . . . everywhere!

    We have destroyed Iraq, we are destroying Afghanistan — note that we always pick on the most vulnerable, i.e., their poverty.  “Kick ’em when they’re down!”  We’re good at that.  

    I cannot begin to express my emotions — children, gd, children!

    Children do no ask to be born into this world!  But, by their birth, do we not cherish them?  All over the world?

    • mplo on March 9, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    it’s not surprising that it’s not only continuing under this present Administration in Washington, but that so many children in such a small country (Afghanistan) are homeless, destitute, and being deprived of the necessary tools for survival that no child (or adult, for that matter) should be deprived of.

  2. . . . American Atrocity. . .

    The people of Afghanistan know who was flying the two helicopter gunships that brutally hunted down and slaughtered, one by one, nine boys apparently as young as seven years old, as they gathered firewood on a hillside March 1. In angry demonstrations after the incident, they were shouting “Death to America.”

    Americans are still blissfully unaware that their “heroes” in uniform are guilty of this obscene massacre. The ovine US corporate media has been reporting on this story based upon a gutless press release from the Pentagon which attributes the “mistake” to “NATO” helicopters. . . .

    Read more of our inhumanity toward children here, as well!

    A new movement by the youth of Afghanistan!

    Afghan Peace will NOT come from the Powers.wmv

    Kids begging for peace and friendship, despite it all!  

    How can anyone on the face of this earth not tear up for what we are doing?

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