The Horse Farm

Well the farm part was excellent, sort of.  They cribbed most of the fences and some of the barn but the indoor arena and plenty of stalls was a plus.

Why the low price?  Well the house was close to a tear down and start over.

Back to the Apocalypse Ranch drawing board.

Fortunately grandson number two is OK.  No surgery, not appendix just a stomach virus.  Bills are not in yet but it will surely top the two thousand dollar “deductible” which brings me to the point about why ROMNEYCARE sucks.   You are mandated to buy twenty seven different levels of junk insurance.  Gone are the expensive company plans which paid for everything and permanently here is an army of formerly unemployed administrators deciding at random what is and what is NOT covered.  Sure, they needed an IT upgrade to match each caller to each level of shit plan of not covered lab tests, ultrasounds and ambulance rides but hey, gotta keep the economy humming.

Long as I am on health.

Vaccines in Japan!  Yeeesss!

Old but now exposed.

Boston Talks 96.9 commercials for  The voice in that commercial is Alex Jones, so, can I say Alex Jones is now on mainstream media?

Next up is MAX POWER FOR EARTH HOUR!  Ready the dryer, the stove, the microwave and the 1000watt searchlights!  March 26, nine PM, make a power surge to counter eco-facsism and it’s fat cat Davos Jet setting billionaire proponents who think exploding kids is funny.…

Yes taking whole mountains and putting them in a blender does suck but even more offensive than that is the “humor” in’s green fascist videos.  And for what?  The enrichment of billionaires?  Ain’t nobody yet has come to the house with my free solar array/windmill/cold fusion/zero point energy/water cavitation/Stanley Meyer pulsing generator.

Oh and BTW those twisty energy saving Chinese made light bulbs.  I know a secret, I know a secret and I just ain’t giving it up.  Mutually assured destruction in my current state of mind.

Have I lost everybody yet?

Cool.  Roman dude maps Antartica 2000 years ago.…

Not popular in this venue will be Michael Moore’s Communist rhetoric detracts from crimes of banksters.  Yes, well what Mikey says is true but Mikey is just the Glenn Beck of the left set and as such a division/distraction/diversion mechanism of and for first and second veilers.  Note Kurt’s seemingly conservative use of the word Communist here to describe Mikey and his rhetoric which I only think detracts from spreading the message of the secret globalist government/military industrial intelligence complex.…

Now does any of this actually matter to a former suburban Sam like me?  Not really when it’s crystal clear the Fat Cat billionaires plan on wiping out deliberately and permanently this American used to be class only because it threatens their power.

Come Fry With Me!

TSA needs more positive Image!

Stand in the scanner and get irradiated.  No Safety calibrations required.  Hey, we don’t need no stinking badges(radiation survey badges).…

Now this was just today in the LAMESTREAM news cycles yet several Google searches have turned up nothing of recent relevance. Go figure and go fish.

John Kerry on Bradley Manning!

yeah John has always been an ass.  Recall the U of F student who got pegged by the cops for carrying a verboten subversive book surely on the MIAC Homeboy Security list. 2007 it was!…

John is also the BARDA douchebag of Big Pharma unicorn vaccine fame.…

Wow! The Google searches on that subject are revisionist history too.  That is my personal best of two in the same night/diary et al.

Oh and last up is the company that retired me at gunpoint has told me three full years later that they know I made too much so they would not think of hiring me again for a lower paid position I might accept due to relocation in the Live Not Free and Die state of New Hampshire.