FSZ “2.0” Now Open For Registration!

Awwww yeah:


We on a cloud server that gives me unlimited databases and bandwidth.  This means I can make like 50 blogs on the “http://thefreespeechzone.us” domain root.  So I did 4 or 5 just to test it, and it worked.  Since the server is virtual and we own it, that means me and my “associates” get to encrypt the hell out of it in the future.

Gonna make an identical soapblox like the old place to establish a “Fight Club” we can have in the basement:

More below the fold…

With the new place, I wanted more interaction if you really wanted to but a minimalist front if you don’t wanna be bothered.

It’s an attempt to lay a framework for the citizen journalism that is growing rapidly among the old and young.  I setup a “Newsroom” that has up-to-the minute reports in an RSS feed from google news in all the necessary categories.  Also new is a “Chat” area that has an IRC where you’re on a secure channel hosted by “associates”.

The point is to engage, empower, inform, and protect.

Heavily encrypted server with two-tailed whirlpool coming soon although i;ve been told that it’s “a bit much” so just know that shit is gonna be on lock.  Raising the bar and setting the standard.

One day we will all be on virtual cloud servers that will be encrypted because it’ll be the minimum standard.  Until then we’re gonna be ahead of the curve.

Best part?  Everything we’re doing costed only as much as buying a host account because EVERYTHING we used is open source and free.  Meaning that, theoretically, the other 5 billion without this internet stuff will be able to join us.

Register and take a look.  No advertising of any kind, cause or commercial.  Check your flash scripts at the door cuz we just hea ta partay!


  1. Fuck the secret government and the Illuminati.


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