Climate Change and National Security

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What the detractors, whether they believe the obvious or not and the flock just follows what they’re told, are effectively locking the brakes on what we once were and envied around this planet.

Innovators in moving forward with the new idea’s, interstate roadways, infrastructure, flying, etc. etc. etc. and with the same innovative workforce that made the advancements a reality with everyone following in trying to catch up.

Now those everyone’s are leading and we aren’t even following much, like as to energy innovations and a cleaner planet, even so called third world countries are moving ahead of us on the obvious human advancements!

TEDxPentagon: topic of climate change

31 January 2011 – As we continue our recap of the TEDxPentagon event, we move from Army technology to the hot topic of climate change.

In the video, Oceanographer for the U.S. Navy, RADM David Titley, discusses climate change and its impending ramifications on national security. Listen as he details some of the top facts and figures you should know about climate change and your future, explained in terms that even the most unfamiliar with science would be able to understand. {continued}

More of the steps backwards and holding a once advancing economy and society in the free fall that came with the new century! We now follow others, no longer a leader on many issues! Making the koch brother types extremely happy with the incoming billions!

Repubs to restrict US enviro agency

Feb 02, 2011 – Republican leaders in the House of Representatives intend to try to prohibit the U.S. environmental agency from regulating greenhouse gases, officials said, in a sharp challenge to the Obama administration.

Officials said legislation to be offered Wednesday would nullify all of the steps the Environmental Protection Agency has taken on the issue, including its finding that greenhouse gases endanger public health.

In addition, it seeks to strip the agency of its authority in attempts to crack down on emissions from factories, utilities and other sources. Numerous House Republicans already have introduced legislation that would hamstring the agency from moving forward with regulations to reduce heat-trapping pollution.

The efforts mark yet another arena in which newly empowered Republicans are moving quickly to challenge the administration since the party took over the House and gained seats in the Senate. {continued}


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    China’s Coming Green Boom

    February 02, 2011 – Policymakers in China are thrashing out the details of the next five-year plan. Will it set the country on the path toward a green economy?

    For years now, China has been at the receiving end of stinging criticism from the West over its environmental policies, with critics describing it variously as one of the most polluted countries, an insatiable, consumer-driven energy guzzler, and the world’s worst emitter of greenhouse gases.

    These labels have been prompted by China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization over the past 30 years, which has allowed it to achieve blistering economic growth, but at enormous cost to its environment. Given the widespread criticism, it’s understandable why many in the West might find it hard to imagine this ‘dirty’ giant ever getting clean.

    Yet these difficulties shouldn’t overshadow an encouraging reality-China’s top decision makers are planning to take a more holistic approach to the quest for greener growth that could transform the country’s image. {continued}

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