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We Used To “change the world”

On many fronts, continuing the subject title, we even once were moving into alternative energy, that’s what built the economy that continued to grow and was envied by all others. They used to try and copy but most failed while some, like Japan and South Korea with our help, will say though that when I was a kid and a teen their products were cheap and many laughable, succeeded. Now many have the growth in the experienced workers, we’ve destroyed many of the hands on trades experiences here, needed and are rapidly moving far in front of us, as are they’re economies. And climate change is only one big issue, of many, of the advancement of economic growth and innovation. What this administration understands is that which our parents and grandparents worked so hard and had built for us as now some are destroying piece by piece!

Climate Change and National Security

What the detractors, whether they believe the obvious or not and the flock just follows what they’re told, are effectively locking the brakes on what we once were and envied around this planet.

Innovators in moving forward with the new idea’s, interstate roadways, infrastructure, flying, etc. etc. etc. and with the same innovative workforce that made the advancements a reality with everyone following in trying to catch up.

Now those everyone’s are leading and we aren’t even following much, like as to energy innovations and a cleaner planet, even so called third world countries are moving ahead of us on the obvious human advancements!