Groundhog’s Day!

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Spring is around the corner, so sayeth that Phil rodent, anyway.

I believe my own eyes better. My dogs are already shedding, so yeah, it is. And since I was born on this very day, way back in the way back of 1963? I can speak with authority.

Funny how I can in one breath be looking to Spring with such anticipation, yet be disappointed that the snow-pocalypse was a veritable dud. Just a regular grade snow, made a bit more treacherous by blowing winds. I wanted more. (I always want more…. oh bejuzuz, that reminds me of a girlie weekend up North last summer: Flash to Oliver Twist impersonations, “Please sir may I have some more?” – HAH! You had to be there.) Yeah, yeah, just like a (weather) man, always promising more inches than they can deliver. More is still coming, though. I guess 3 inches twice does add up to getting 6 inches sometimes. Heh.

I love real world-stopping snowstorms. The hissssshhhh of snow falling and the soft indescribable sound of wind in the pines, that is so much more subtle and yet richer than wind through the deciduous ones that drown them out in summer. I love how pristine and clean it looks, before the first tracks are made in it, how there is no people-sounds in a world slowed to standing and witnessing. No car sounds, no lawn mowers, nothing but the world and whatever utterances the natural beings make in it.

I wonder if I will miss it, should I reach my nirvana safe-haven in the Tropics, my Costa Rica or Caribbean Islands?  I did spend 3 hours searching images for decorating the blog last night. Only me, I know… spend the night looking at palm-lined beaches, and wishing for 2 feet of snow. You learn to love what you have. Its a much better state of mind than always pining for what you cannot have. Besides, Spring is coming, and I have my own Palms to bring out into it, and plenty of Lakes and Beaches.


The world has not stopped today, but it has slowed. Which is a good enough Birthday Present for me.

And I can put myself in that picture anytime I want to, in the Costa Rica of my mind, so rich, vivid and satisfying in my dreams…. surrounded by love, and safe from the insanity in the world.

Happy Groundhog’s Day, everyone – and godspeed to Spring!

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    • Diane G on February 2, 2011 at 4:31 pm
    • Edger on February 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    There oughta be a law. Maybe arrest the weatherdude/dudette?

  1. … in reality the Wise Old Crone of Winter goes out on Candlemas day to gather kindling to keep the Winter Fire burning, as its smoke dims the sub, and if there’s a storm or cloudy damp weather, she cannot gather dry kindling and cannot keep the Winter Fire burning.

    Groundhogs aint got nothing to do with it.

  2. we Aquarians DO have our problems — n’est que c’est pas?  

    Thank you, dear one, would that it would have a better one for you and me!  

    I love your sentiments!  Yes, how gentle everything seems, when there are few sounds, a still, a quiet, muffling from the snow!

    I liked this very diary very much!

    Thank you, dear one!

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