The best part about a cyber party is.. you don’t even have to dress up!


My homespun MovieMaker video/slideshow Debut, a gift to Docudharma, after the bleep.

Okay, so here is … ta da … my little movie. My first evah!! I got all inspired one night and just knocked it out. Got some tech angel help from a facebook friend. (thanks pm). I recommend you watch it on the FULL SCREEN setting. I hope you like it.

It’s… all at once, it is very personal, very …. me … but it tells a story. I begged, borrowed, or stole a lot of the images, many from the DD Rummage Sale last week, heh. Oh, and I did go on a scavenger hunt in buhdyharma’s bucket too. (Hope you don’t mind, buhd.)

It chronicles my “journey” within DD. I could caption or narrate almost every frame with my interp, but of course, I wont. I hope it is not so skewed  ~ unique to me ~ that it does still speak to other dharma bums’ stories as well…. most of you were along for the ride. This is sorta my Thank You … you guys are damn fine company!

It ends in the present, which I see as cusp … a vital time of transition. A time when you steady yourself, take a good look around you, and make ready to take a big leap.

Okay then, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get this Party started!


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  1. Photobucket

    • jamess on December 4, 2010 at 02:28

    down memory lane LL,

    very stunning images,

    and excellent mixing


    haven’t heard that tune in ages.

    man am i old.

    words are flowing out,

    like endless rain into a paper cup …

    they slither wildly, as they slip

    across the Universe

    • RiaD on December 4, 2010 at 02:30

    • RiaD on December 4, 2010 at 02:33

    especially the photo selections….

    ver ver well done!


    • OPOL on December 4, 2010 at 03:00


    • Diane G on December 4, 2010 at 03:00

    It made me think of this, crazy, huh? But you do reach out and sso did this place.

    Sentimental me.

  2. Nice mix of feeling, perception and synchronicity,

    My animal totem is most likely the Hawk although at times the Dragonfly or Cougar seem to fit the bill. Here is a Red Tail, maybe the most common that we see, but always causes me to stop and just watch.


  3. a beautiful composition!

    (another buhdy P-bucket classic)

  4. …for excellence in graphics and music mixing.  But I see he already did.

    Wonderful, wonderful work, LL.

    The Snowy Egret is my main totem.  I’m also of the gopher and dolphin clans.

    Thanks for all the joy and beauty you’ve brought to DD.  I’m getting all teary now!

  5. I have always sensed the vibrations from this totem animal…

    Hawk is the messenger, the protector and the visionaries of the Air.

    It holds the key to higher levels of consciousness.

    This totem awakens vision and inspires a creative life purpose.

    A Hawk totem is filled with responsibility

    because Hawk people seek the overall view.

    They are aware of omens and spirit messages.

    A Red-Tailed Hawk Totem is special.

    It has direct ties to the Kundalini, the seat of primal life force.

    It is associated with the base chakra .

    If you have this Totem, you will be aware of and work towards fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

    It reflects a greater intensity of energy within your life:

    physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces will all be strong within you.

    The Red-Tail Hawk is a permanent totem — it will always be with you.

    As well as the Puma, Coyote, Raven and most recently the Fox. I came across one’s path the other night at dusk as she was escaping into the forest to hunt. We looked at each other for a minute or so and then she slipped, effortlessly, into the black. Her intention has since stained the color of my days…..

    • Robyn on December 4, 2010 at 22:11

    I got busy last night.

  6. I thought I was bad! with my ADD and topic hopping!!! I love that some of you decided to share re your totems now, here. LOL!

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