Nah, hey I don’t care.  See you learn something new everyday about the new Illuminati banking procedures.

Does my non CARBON EXEMPT ass give a rats ass just because it’s Christmas.

Will elvin hat go home and look up the term Illuminati!

How sappy will next week be when lamestream media rehashes it’s bogus sound bytes of this greatest of Satanic years.

One of those last minute stops at the bank.  A refund check to my wife for $23.52, my paycheck and the under fifty dollar gift from my socio-mom.  The twenty something at the bank in his elf hat explains that he can’t just cash the 23.52 check because it’s made out to my wife even though she endorsed it and I endorsed it.  It has to be “deposited” and then “withdrawn” from the specified account which does in fact bear both names.

Illuminati banking procedure.

And I am quite sure I said it twice to the elfin hatter twenty something.

And as I went to leave he says.

Sir, do you want your receipt?

Oh, my God, yeah, I wouldn’t want to forget to file that with the IRS.

Merry Christmas anyway!


A couple of days now the local right wingnuttia station has been talking about MY Jets coach and his wife’s “pretty feet”.  The subliminal here, the real purpose for touting such trivia as “news”, being that

You VILL conform to whatever image your corporate masters plan for you.

I am all out of Lasthorseman barf bags for what the “news” will feature in preparation of the New year.  Issues like get your mandatory unicorn flu shot, buy gold to avoid the coming Armageddon and you must clean ALL the snow off you car with a toothbrush   and or the other subliminal stuff all supporting the 14 characteristics of globalized techo-corpo-dystopian fascism.

Try and have a happy new year.  I know my four year old grandson is leading the way in the Christmas anticipation department.  I shall endeavor to dismount the Apocalyptic horse, put down my Braveheart sword to enjoy it with him.


  1. 12/24/2010

  2. I can’t believe that they didn’t require a thumbprint too!

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