Cover Letter

How the flying fuck can I write a cover letter based upon the information given by the great resumee shredding goat fuckery of multi-layered temp companies.  You don’t give the company name let alone what they actually make so that would make it like next to impossible to discern if my engineering skills actually might match up.  Minions of fucking Satan these HR dweebs.

This and more, lot’s more shit to watch for as the economy dives and the workplace becomes Gattica world.  Do you have a right to work?  Think again.

Look for a closer association between “employment professionals” and the medical industry.  Does that sound creepy to you?  It should.  As a “temp” I was “offered” a very Orwellian sounding medical “insurance” plan.  When I copy and analyze all of the rhetoric in this piece of crap I shall quote it directly and point out the obvious Orwellianisms in it and why the proponents of it ought to spend the next ten incarnations in third world cesspools.

I can tell you it plays into the Charolette Iserbyte dumbed down generation, it is word choiced to be offical sounding thus inducing compliance.

So back to the Satanic marriage of health and work.  Can you get a job.  Yeah, does that job involve operation of a motor vehile.  Have you had an accident in the past six year?(Marxachusetts)  No job for you.  Does your credit suck?  No job for you either.  Did you not pay 400 bucks for the Asshole Applicant Electronic Dweebury system?  No job for you.

Now down to the real evil.  Have you been to the doctor lately?  Do they have records of your receipt of the toxic swine flu shot?  Are you/have you been “on” medications for……..

All the gains made by unions will be erased, just watch as the ladders of upward social mobility vanish.

Oh and “casual Friday” does not make up for age discrimination, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance dweebury and inspired by assholes performance plans.  Also what good is multi-culturalism if all of us are useless eaters in the eyes of oligarchs.……

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  1. and if 100 million others are not working at their full potentials then the collectivism of the collectivist society collectively sucks.

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