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Hi folks.

I just thought I’d go ahead and pitch this here, although it’s not really up our alley so much at DD. But thats okay, right? lol. This is being highlighted at GOS in the regular Friday series there, by my request.

DONORS CHOOSE dot org is the website. It is for Teachers…. they explain & request DIRECT funds for a particular project. No middle man (well, hardly none). There’s some very cool projects on there, but you have to look for them.

But you won’t have to go digging to find this one: 6th Grade Science Fair Here We Come! ! This was posted by a teacher I DO NOT know but it is my husband’s school. (He teaches Band there). I can absolutely confirm that this is a very worthwhile recipient group.

more details below

6th Grade Science Fair Here We Come!

My Students: Loose leaf paper is not motivating anymore. My students need something they can be proud of in order to create the best Science experiments.

My students are 6th graders in Texas. Their ages range from 11-15 years old because many students have been retained multiple times. We are plagued by gangs and distractions are everywhere. Violence is a big factor at our school and the neighborhood is not safe.

My Project: The Scientific Method Step-by-Step Experiment boards, will help my students get excited about science in general and the science fair they will be participating in this year. A big part of our curriculum is based on the Scientific Method and being able to break down the process. These boards will allow my students to break down the process in a simple way while still preparing them greatly for the science fair.

Getting my students excited about science has been really difficult. They continue to perform poorly on the state exam which then retains them back to middle school. Starting in 6th grade and getting them excited now will potentially increase their interest in science and subsequently perform better on their state exam in order to move on to high school.

Project: 6th Grade Science Fair Here We Come!

Resources Needed: Step-by-Step Scientific Method Experiment kits and write and wipe markers in order to prepare for the 6th grade Science Fair!

School Poverty Level: High

State: Texas

Total Cost: $918.08

Still Needed: $389.04 $164.04

Expires: Sep 30, 2010

The product she is hoping to purchase is something she can use as a tool to teach the kids how to even begin. It’s very basic. Most of these kids do not have the kind of support at home that a lot of folks take for granted. Many of the parents are pretty limited English and low level of education themselves. You know, they don’t love their kids any less, but they just can’t pass on skills they don’t even have in the first place. I get very annoyed and frustrated with people at large who judge, scold, or preach …. so this is just my way of jumping in with a wee little bit of “Do Something” instead.



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